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FARE workshop in Limerick

Reg­u­lat­ory and Economic Challenges to Regional Airports


Past event
22 April 2009, 13:30 - 17:00 UTC +00:00
Regulatory and Economic Challenges to Regional Airports facing the changing environment 


Panel 1: Post-Charleroi case scenarios – EC state aid rules in question? 
  • Chris Cain - Project Director at Newquay Cornwall Airport – FARE chairman 
  • Diego Canga Fano – Deputy Head of Cabinet to Antonio Tajani, EC Transport Commissioner 
  • Annabelle Lepiece - Senior Associate, CMS DeBacker 
  • Edoardo Vinci – Lawyer, Legal Consultant of SOGEAAL, Alghero Airport 
  • Klaus Klipp - Secretary General, Assembly of European Regions 
15.00-15.30: Coffee break 

Running a regional airport in a constrained regulatory and business environment is a challenging task. The regulatory burden on regional aviation is widely regarded by the industry as disproportionate and affects the competitiveness of the sector. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not reflect the diversity of the regional aviation market. The aggregated costs for regional aviation -national aviation duties, ETS, airport charges – grow larger with every year. Retail business is very important to keep regional airports commercially viable. Can air carriers’ policies affect the regional airport business? 

  • Neil Pakey - Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool John Lennon Airport 
  • David Gering - Commercial Director Aviation, PR & Communication, Brussels Charleroi Airport 
  • Frank O’Connell – President, European Travel Retail Council 
  • Ronald Schnitker – Director of Legal Affairs, Eindhoven Airport 
  • Mike Rutter – Chief Commercial Officer, Flybe.com 
19.30-21.00 – Welcome dinner
Practical details
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Portrait of Annabelle Lepièce
Annabelle Lepièce