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Private Clients

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All aspects of estate planning

Our team has specific expertise in all matters relating to estate planning, regardless of the structure in which the assets are held (foundations, trust funds, insurance policies, investment funds, private equity, etc.). Our areas of expertise include, for example, the application of transparent taxation (e.g. the Cayman tax), the tax on stock-exchange transactions, the taxation of funds (tax on securities accounts, tax treatment of funds) and the tax treatment of insurance policies.

Our expertise allows us to offer you solutions for your estate planning, taking into consideration your specific needs and objectives.

Wealth and estate planning

Our team offers you its experience in order to provide you with wealth and estate planning solutions adapted to each type of asset, while taking into account your specific personal situation and your objectives.

Whether you are a private individual, a company manager or a professional seeking to offer a tailor-made service to your clients (family business, private banking, insurance company, private equity fund, etc.), our multidisciplinary team and international network apprehends every situation in a transversal and comprehensive way.

The multidisciplinary approach enables us to advise our clients on both civil and tax law matters, as well as all aspects relating to corporate and banking law, which must all be taken into consideration for successful wealth or estate planning.

The international dimension of our network allows us to resolve the global aspect of the matters presented to us.

Our approach always integrates the human dimension that is inherent to wealth and estate planning.

By way of example, our team can help you to transfer your assets to the next generation, to transfer your business in the most optimal conditions of continuity and to develop an efficient holding structure for your assets.

Our team also manages litigation by seeking the best transactional or judicial outcome.