Artificial Intelligence Lawyers

Artificial intelligence. The questions raised by the rise of artificial intelligence are as intriguing to you as they are to us.

You / us. These questions challenge you/us as an economic player and as a human being. They challenge us as attorneys at your service and compel us to think about how we will be able to continue to assist you when algorithms will phagocyte entire areas of our practice.

Antifragile. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has good and bad surprises, successes and disappointments in store for you/us. In order to prepare together for the inevitable unexpected that will change our lives, we decided to launch a “CMSbe.AI” group within CMS Belgium.

CMSbe.AI. The members of this group are attentive observers of the development of artificial intelligence in their field of expertise. By coming together, they have set themselves the objective to follow the evolution of artificial intelligence in a transversal way. This technological watch allows CMS Belgium to be able, in particular, to:

  • assist you in your projects for the deployment of artificial intelligence within your companies,
  • alert you to any potential opportunities or risks,
  • help you to face the damages caused by an algorithm,
  • offer you a service at the forefront of innovation by optimizing our interactions.

Passion. The “CMSbe.AI” group is a team of lawyers who are passionate about innovation and specialized in new technologies, competition law, state aid, data protection and life sciences.

Genes. The launch of the “CMSbe.AI” group illustrates that innovation is part of the genes of CMS, the first law firm to launch an artificial intelligence group in Belgium.


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