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Tom De Cordier


CMS DeBacker
Chaussée de La Hulpe 178
1170 Brussels
Languages Dutch, French, English

Tom is a seasoned technology lawyer with a strong focus on data privacy law, technology, media and communications law, technology-related IP and life sciences. Clients praise him for his commercial acumen and his pragmatic and down-to-earth style. 

His practice covers a wide range of advisory, transactional and litigation work in international and domestic matters relating to data privacy, TMC and life sciences. Tom has experience in:

  • Data protection - Tom regularly assists clients in domestic and multi-jurisdictional privacy compliance projects. He advises clients on all aspects of data protection compliance, including data protection policies and procedures, the use of data in the provision of consumer and business products, big data, responding to data subject access requests, cross-border data transfers, cloud computing, data security breaches, transfers of data to regulators, data privacy in life sciences, the use of data in customer relationship management systems and processes, employee monitoring and website compliance issues, BYOD, whistleblowing hotlines, fintech, data privacy litigation, etc.
  • IT transactions including IT sourcing projects; cloud projects; digital transformation projects; etc.
  • IT advisory work (eg. advising on legal aspects of digital disruption, e-archiving, electronic signatures, etc.)
  • Legal aspects of e-commerce (eg. advising on how to ensure that websites comply with e-commerce laws and regulations; drafting or reviewing website policies, online privacy policies; etc.)
  • Network & information security (eg. advising clients on cyber security requirements and risks; etc.)
  • Telecom & media regulatory matters including pre-contentious and contentious regulatory work (eg. assisting telecoms clients in their dealings with the regulatory authorities; representing clients in court proceedings regarding telecoms regulatory disputes; etc.)
  • IP transactional work (eg. drafting and negotiating cross-border patent & know-how license agreements; drafting and negotiating complex R&D agreements; drafting and negotiating IP assignment agreements; drafting and negotiating IP reps & warranties; etc.)

Tom is perfectly trilingual.

Tom is ranked tier 1 in Legal 500’s latest shortlist of leading practitioners in EU data protection. Chambers Europe ranks Tom as “Up and coming” in the category Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Belgium. Corporate International Magazine recently recommended Tom as “rising star of the year in Belgium” for telecommunications law.

Tom frequently speaks at conferences and seminars on technology-related and privacy-related topics. He is also frequently asked by the international press to share his views on recent trends and developments in this area. Recent examples include: 

  • Financial Times (13 September 2020): Data privacy expert, Tom De Cordier comments in Financial Times on the concerns of EU companies seeking guidance on data transfers to the US after the recent ECJ ruling on the Privacy Shield. Read more here
  • SC Media (17 August 2020): Data protection expert, Tom De Cordier, discusses the challenge businesses face after the recent invalidation of the Privacy Shield. Read more here 
  • Euractive Digital Brief (25 June 2020): Tom has been quoted in the Euractive Digital Brief:'To GDPR or not?', about the review of the application of the GDPR across the EU. Read more here 
  • Computer Weekly (24 June 2020): data privacy expert, Tom De Cordier, comments on the effectiveness of the GDPR and on the role of technology in economic revival. Read more here
  • Bloomberg (2 June 2020): "Tech That Saves EU Firms From Covid-19 Could Kill Them in Court". Read more here
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"He [Tom de Cordier] knows our risk appetite and really makes an effort to customise his way of working to our style."

TMT: Data Protection client - Chambers Europe, 2024

"He [Tom de Cordier] is a fantastic all-rounder who provides a good sense of pragmatism."

TMT: Data Protection client - Chambers Europe, 2024

"He [Tom de Cordier] knows our risk appetite and really makes an effort to customise his way of working to our style."

Telecommunications client - Chambers Europe, 2024

"He [Tom de Cordier] is a fantastic all-rounder who provides a good sense of pragmatism."

Telecommunications client - Chambers Europe, 2024

"Virginie Frémat, Julie De Pauw, and Tom De Cordier all have good work skills, get the work done (with no excuses), and are flexible in their way of working."

Feedback from a client - Legal 500, 2023

"Tom De Cordier is a very impressive partner who has very deep knowledge in the areas of data protection and telecommunication in the EU and Belgium."

Feedback from a client - Legal 500, 2023

"Tom de Cordier and Deven Dobbelaere provide practical and down-to-earth advice and try to think broader than the privacy practice."

Feedback from a client - Legal 500, 2023

"broad experience, knowledge of the market, politeness and resourcefulness"

Feedback from a client - Chambers Europe, 2022

Feedback about Tom De Cordier: "I appreciate the down to earth approach, the willingness to underpin advice with context, and most of all willingness to listen, really listen to the points being raised, perhaps in defence of a different viewpoint."

Feedback from a client - Legal 500, 2022


  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), DOBBELAERE (D.) and DE PAUW (V.), « With EU Cyber Resilience Act, EU gets tough on IoT supply chain cybersecurity », 13/12/23, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), HEREMANS (T.) and VAN LIEDEKERKE (D.), « International Digital Regulation Hub: Expert advice on navigating the Digital Regulation Tsunami », 07/12/2023, available here
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  • DE CORDIER (T.), “La dimension juridique des cyberattaques : ce qu’il faut savoir en tant que juriste”, Jubel, 12/07/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “Adequacy decision on EU-US Data Privacy Framework adopted”, 10/07/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “The GDPR turns 5 | Europe-wide analysis reveals data protection fines totaling EUR 2.7 billion in over 1,500 cases”, 23/05/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “The Belgian Whistleblowing Act enters into force. What do you need to know regarding data protection?”, 15/02/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “Happy Data Protection Day! What’s on the horizon for 2023?”, 27/01/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), « Les cybercriminels vont-ils profiter du succès de ChatGPT pour tromper votre entreprise? », l’Echo, 23/01/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), « Quelle stratégie adopter face aux attaques par rançongiciel? », l’Echo, 11/01/2023, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “EU Cybersecurity Month: mobile devices can pose a risk to your business”, 20/10/2022, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “Another cookie enforcement case: Belgian privacy watchdog reconfirms cookie consent rules”, 31/01/2022, available here
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  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “EU Cybersecurity Month: Hybrid working makes phishing attacks harder to spot”, 13/10/2021, available here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “Summer legal recap of data protection law”, 3/09/2021, available upon registration here
  • DE CORDIER (T.), DUBUISSON (T.), “EU finally adopts new data transfer clauses”, 09/06/2021, available upon registration here
  • T. DE CORDIER, « Losgeld betalen verbieden is geen gouden oplossing in de strijd tegen ransomware-aanvallen”, Datanews, 02/12/2021.
  • T. DE CORDIER, « Eradiquer le fléau des ransomware en interdisant le paiement des rançons ? », L’Echo, 23/11/2021.
  • T. DE CORDIER, T. DUBUISSON &  J. VAN DAELE &, « EU Advocate-General opinion hints Europe’s top court is unlikely to disrupt international data flows in pending decision », 17/07/2020. 
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, «Deadline approaching for notifying CCTV cameras to Belgian police», 14/05/2020.
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, « EU Cybersecurity Month: When a simple phishing click can severely harm your company », 11/10/2019.
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, « Time to update your cookie consent and policy! CJEU says pre-ticked checkboxes are not valid », 02/10/2019.
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, « Using social plug-ins on your website? You and the social network will be jointly liable for the data processing »,  31/07/2019.
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, « First Belgian GDPR sanction: DPA fines mayor EUR 2,000 », 31/05/2019.
  • T. DE CORDIER & T. DUBUISSON, « EU Advocate General gives Internet cookie opinion that could impact data privacy regs »,  02/04/2019.
  • T. DE CORDIER, A-M. GORIS &  T. DUBUISSON, « Belgium's privacy watchdog publishes guidance on the notions of controller and processor », 17/01/2019.


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Lectures list

  • 26/05/2020: Webinar “Smart Contracts: From Clauses to Code”, with D. Dobbelaere & F. Dubois.
  • 11/06/2020: Webinar CMS “Digitalisation of the in-House legal team…and what it means for you”, with J. Challoner.
  • 09/09/2020: Webinar  “Law and Beyond - Digital Transformation: seizing the opportunity whilst avoiding the pitfalls” with S. Viaene & P. Coffyn.
  • 27/10/2020: Webinar “Joint CMS-Marsh webinar : “The Changing Face of Cyber Claims “, with A-S. Coppens.
  • 25/11/2020, Webinar “Data, Data, Data“.
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  • 2000 - Bar admission (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 2000 - University of London - United Kingdom (LL.M. in Computers & Communications)
  • 1999 - University of Ghent, UGent - Belgium (Master of Laws)
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