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CMS Dawn Raid Response Team

July 2019

The unrivalled pan-European CMS Dawn Raid Response Team is a good example of what the CMS Competition & EU Group’s coverage holds for its clients.

The CMS Competition & EU Group has more than 180 competition lawyers in 48 cities in 34 countries, making it one of the largest competition teams in Europe. Our well-established CMS Dawn Raid Network provides immediate response by experienced lawyers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Because we believe that prevention is better than cure, we offer a CMS Dawn Raid Package of guidelines and action points, standardized across all CMS member jurisdictions and available in local languages, together with training on dealing with investigations and raids.

To put knowledge in your hands, we combined the CMS Dawn Raid Package of checklists, instructions and guidelines across 27 CMS countries in our new, free of charge, mobile app. With its alert function we can provide you with immediate, step-by step assistance during a dawn raid. You can find more information here.

CMS Dawn Raid Response Team
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