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CORONA-VIRUS : Practical guide with commercial and legal top­ics/re­com­mend­a­tions


We have drawn up this practical guide to assist the legal teams of companies in the way in which they deal with the challenges they are confronted with, connected to the fast and worldwide spread of the Corona-virus.

The recent rise of Corona receives a lot of attention and an increasing worry worldwide. It has caused governments worldwide to take proceedings, such as isolating certain cities, cancelling events and closing public institutions and schools. Evidently, such measures have a huge impact on the daily life of people and the workings of companies. There are stricter traveling measures set in place for certain areas, this may endanger certain business trips.

In this brochure we tackle certain important aspects that every employer should take into consideration. We guide you through some practical steps which you can take in order to perform damage control and avoid nuisances. There are also certain important aspects about your obligations as an employer that are discussed. The principles and conditions that are talked of in this brochure are only in line with Belgian legislation.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts if you should have any questions concerning any of the topics that are discussed in this brochure.

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Coronavirus - Employer's Guidelines
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