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Elke Duden

Elke Duden


CMS DeBacker
Uitbreidingstraat 2
2600 Antwerp
Languages Dutch, English, French, German

Elke is a partner in the Employment, Pensions & Benefits practice, where she heads the Pensions practice.

She deals with all aspects of employment law and occupational pension law. She advises on day to day HR issues, employee incentive schemes, HR restructuring, employment litigation, health & safety, senior executives. Her practice concentrates on two specific niches: (i) collective labour issues of large corporate reorganisations; and (ii) specific projects in the area of pensions (i.e. merger and goverance of pan-european pension funds, restructuring or winding down of pension schemes, complex litigation).

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  • 2008 - Leerstoel pensioenrecht (KUL Leuven)
  • 2002 - The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • 2001 - Admitted to the Antwerp Bar
  • 1997 - Admitted to the Brussels Bar
  • 1997 - University of Antwerp (Master in Law)
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  • Board member BePLA
  • Member IPEBLA
  • Member PensioPlus
  • Member Employment Lawyers Association Antwerp
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  • Arbeidsrechtelijke, sociaalzekerheidsrechtelijke en pensioenaspecten bij bedrijfsovernames, Kluwer, 2010
  • De Wet Aanvullende Pensioenen is 10 jaar oud: De Belgian Pension Lawyers Association maakte een balans op, kluwer 2014
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