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Does your company comply with the EU energy efficiency directive?


The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), designed to increase energy efficiency across the European Union (EU), introduces a number of energy targeted measures. One potentially complex aspect of the EED is the introduction of mandatory energy assessments. Organisations across all industries can be affected by these energy assessment obligations and if so, will have to undertake an energy efficiency review of their operations by December 2015.

The laws implementing the EED vary across EU Member States. Organisations including companies must review their position in every Member State in which they operate and have a legal presence, or face sanctions for non-compliance.

As a starting point, CMS has created a snapshot “e-guide” of the legal position regarding the EED in 18 Member States. The e-guide summarises the status of the law, the criteria for organisations, the potential sanctions and contacts for further information. The e-guide offers a click-through, interactive map of Europe where users can select and compare the position in countries of interest.

Getting ready for the EED is a time-consuming process. So make a start by clicking on the e-guide today. Click here


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