Market characteristics

The Romanian I&L market has been arguably one of the most dynamic in Europe (although growing from a fairly small level), with the total modern stock increasing threefold since 2015. The owner-occupied segment is also sizable in Romania, but it is not included in the general market statistics. Bucharest accounts for roughly a half of the stock, but the rapid rise in regional cities over the past decade, with favourable labour market dynamics fuelling consumption there, has given way to increased opportunities in other parts of the country.

Supply, demand & vacancy

The total stock of modern I&L space in Romania reached ca. 4.72 million m2 at the end of H1 2020, which was a 5% increase compared to the corresponding period of 2019. 50% of existing space is located in Bucharest (2.37 million m2). It is estimated that during the first six months of 2020 developers delivered ca. 120,000 m2 of new warehouse space to the Romanian market, which was close to the figure for H2 2019 (100,000 m2) but on the other hand was a decrease compared to same period of 2019 (300,000 m2).

It is estimated, that at the end of June 2020, there were a further 300,000 m2 of new industrial space under construction in Romania, with more than 60% located in the outskirts of Bucharest.

The total leasing transaction volume in Romania in H1 2020 reached 250,000 m2. Of the leased space, 35% was located in Bucharest (87,500 m2 ).

In H1 2020, new agreements dominated the leasing structure and constituted 81%. In Bucharest, the most significant share of deals were new agreements and renegotiations, which constituted 55% and 37% respectively.

Tenant structure in terms of sectors in the Romanian market was dominated by FMCG (50%), while in Bucharest it was led by 3PL (35%) and light production/manufacturing (33%). That said, large deals tend to move the market, as in the previous year, the automotive sector was the main driver of demand.

Rental rates & lease conditions

Prime rents in Romania remained stable and ranged between EUR 3.7-3.9/m2/month.

The average lease lengths in Romania are 3-5 years in case of logistics/warehouse premises and 3-7 years in case of production /manufacturing. Developers offer some incentives to tenants, which amount to 1 month rent-free per year of lease. Tenants may also get 1 to 2 months early access to the property.


It is estimated that if all projects that are currently under construction are completed, then the total I&L stock in Romania will exceed the level of 5 million m2 at the end of 2020. Demand, vacancy level and rental rates are expected to remain stable in H2 2020. A slight increase in vacancy could be noted in the Bucharest market.

Over a longer term, the relative under-supply of I&L space in Romania on a per capita basis (half of Poland's level and 4x below Czech Republic's) supports strong growth in the subsequent decade.

Top 5 lease agreements

Company nameRegionPark NameSize (m2)SectorLease Type
ProfiTimisoaraWDP Industrial Park Timisoara58,500FMCGNew lease
ProfiCraiovaWDP Industrial Park Craiova57,000FMCGNew lease
GE Power ServicesBucharestSoseaua Berceni Property16,058Production Renegotiation/
RostiPloiestiWDP Industrial Park Aricestii
11,300Production New lease
Logistic E Van WijkBucharestP3 Bucharest A110,400LogisticsRenegotiation/

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