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Making every start-up a success story

There are only a few national regulations and thus no uniform, but rather very complex legislation. The legal framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina does not necessarily make life any easier for start-ups. That means it’s important not just to have a good business idea, determination and energy, good people and, of course, a bit of luck, but also excellent legal advice.


This is exactly what we offer start-ups from the technology industry as part of our CMS equIP programme: We support you with competent advice tailored to the tech industry right from the start and, of course, in all further development phases, including helping you to network with relevant industry contacts. Competent legal advice – which we’re even offering at discounted prices, because good advice shouldn’t be missed due to affordability – is indispensable when it comes to turning a good idea into a long-term successful business.

CMS equIP member have access to:

  • Tech industry-focused legal advice across all areas of law at special discounted rates from a legal partner with experience of working with entrepreneurial companies of all sizes at every stage of growth
  • A menu of fixed fee services – transparent legal services specifically designed for technology start-up needs
  • Introductions to relevant industry players

Apply for equIP in CEE 

As a member of our CEE equIP programme, you benefit from a dedicated local team that is excited about working with start-ups and sees the relationship as an investment into an idea that they believe in – as well as the resources, expertise and network of a much wider global team to work with you and help you take your business to the next level. Wherever that may be.

As part of the CEE equIP programme, you benefit from:

  • A competitive set of standard equIP rates for all CEE jurisdictions
  • A 50% discount on our equIP rates, up to aggregate fees of €25k a year, for 3 years
  • Access to the CMS teams in any of the other equIP jurisdictions – with the same 50% discount on their standard hourly rates
  • Fixed fee services, bespoke for CEE start-ups
  • Introductions to relevant industry players – in [country] and also key investor markets
  • Access to key markets and investment ecosystems [worldwide/across our network]
  • An active international peer network 
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