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CMS On the Pulse episode #9: A focus on compulsory licensing for pharmaceutical companies

Nick Beckett talks with Jonathan Chu (CMS Hong Kong), Sheena Jacob (CMS Singapore) and Thomas Hirse (CMS Germany).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the rationale for compulsory licences and the requirements for granting the same
  • the rights of patent owners faced with the threat of compulsory licences
  • any requirement for patent owners to also provide know-how and technical support under a compulsory licence
  • limitations on exploitation under compulsory licences, including labelling requirements and distribution channel restrictions
  • the use of compulsory licences to deal with the supply of medical necessities during COVID-19
  • the debate regarding the need for COVID-19 vaccine patent waivers

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Episode #9 - Compulsory licensing

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Nick Beckett
Nick Beckett
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Beijing and Hong Kong Offices and Global Co-Head of CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
Jonathan Chu
Jonathan Chu
Hong Kong (CMS CMNO - Lau, Horton & Wise LLP)
Sheena Jacob
Sheena Jacob
Thomas Hirse
Dr. Thomas Hirse
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