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CMS Disputes Talk

Webinar series

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17 February 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 UTC +02:00

In these uncertain times, global businesses in almost every sector are facing challenges brought about by an unprecedented operational climate. Actions and decisions taken during and immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic may be subject to even greater scrutiny than normal. With over 1,200 disputes resolution experts at CMS around the world, we are at the forefront of this change.

In order to help you navigate, we decided to launch an interactive online event series - covering international dispute resolution hot topics - the CMS Disputes Talks. Please see below the topics of our first four sessions.

Each session will include a Q&A section. Our webinars are free of charge and open to a wider public. 

Webinar series

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CMS Disputes Talk #5

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Ducks in a row or herding cats?
Core strategic decisions when starting an arbitration – perspectives from and for inhouse counsel.

17 February 2pm-3pm CET

This webinar aims to examine the crucial phase at the start of arbitral proceedings, in which procedural decisions are made that will influence the conduct of the proceedings, and the strategies and tactics that influence such decisions. Our expert panelists will offer diverse perspectives to the discussion, examining the various issues from the viewpoint of inhouse counsel, external counsel and arbitrator.


  • Florian Cahn (VP Legal Patents Insurance & General Counsel, Framatome GmbH)
  • Dorothee Ruckteschler (Arbitrator, Ruckteschler Legal)
  • Louise Boswell - Partner, CMS UK
  • Mariel Dimsey - Partner, CMS Hong Kong (Moderator)

Past webinars

CMS Disputes Talk #1

Cross-border insolvency litigation - How to plan ahead?

16 September 3pm - 4pm CET

A global overview on potential collection processes; practical advice on how to be prepared for cross-border insolvencies from the creditor´s perspective.


  • Daniel Rodriguez, Partner - CMS Colombia
  • Charlotte Schildt, Partner - CMS Germany
  • Nacho Fernandez Aguado, Partner - CMS Spain 
  • Michelle Barclay, Partner - CMS Peru

CMS Disputes Talk #2

Investment Arbitration and third-party funding

30 September 2pm - 3pm CET

  • Liability of States: boundaries of permissible measures and how to protect your business and investment from unlawful actions by governments
  • No money? No problem! Third party funding for claims in times of crisis


  • Nicolas Wiegand, Partner - CMS Hong Kong
  • Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Investment Manager - Omni Bridgeway
  • Lorenzo Villegas, Partner - CMS Colombia
  • Mariel Dimsey, Partner - CMS Hong Kong
  • Susanne Schwalb, Counsel - CMS Germany

CMS Disputes Talk #3

Potential exposure of D&O to liability claims following the COVID-19 emergency

14 October 3pm - 4pm CET

The pandemic will give raise to an increase of litigation involving both companies and directors’ liability: we can foresee, among others, cyber claims, securities class actions and shareholders’ derivatives claims; issues may also arise from employees working from home (data breaches, frauds, etc.). What should be done in order to prevent and minimize the risks and costs of potential disputes? 


  • Laura Opilio, Partner - CMS Italy 
  • Alessandro Voglino, Managing Director of Shared Underwriters
  • Zaakir Mohamed, Partner - CMS South Africa
  • Virginie Fremat, Partner - CMS Belgium

CMS Disputes Talk #4

Real property commercial lease and Covid-19

28 October 3pm - 4pm CET

An overview of the effect of mandatory lockdowns on commercial buildings and offices. A discussion on the liabilities of the lessor and the remedies available to the tenant.


  • Rodrigo Campero, Partner - CMS Chile
  • Ernesto Vargas, Professor for Private Law, University of Chile and Teaching Fellow, University College London
  • Jacques Simhon, Partner - CMS Colombia
  • Danielle Drummond-Brassington, Partner - CMS UK
  • Chantal Martens, Advocaat - CMS Netherlands

Should you have any question regarding this event, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at our CMS Disputes Talks.

  • 17 February


Portrait ofLouise Boswell
Louise Boswell
Portrait ofDaniel Rodríguez, LL.M.
Daniel Rodríguez, LL.M.
Portrait ofCharlotte Louise Schildt
Dr. Charlotte Louise Schildt
Portrait ofJuan Ignacio Fernández Aguado
Juan Ignacio Fernández Aguado
Portrait ofMichelle Barclay
Michelle Barclay
Portrait ofNicolas Wiegand
Dr. Nicolas Wiegand
Hong Kong (CMS HS)
Portrait ofSusanne Schwalb
Susanne Schwalb
Portrait ofLaura Opilio
Laura Opilio
Portrait ofZaakir Mohamed
Zaakir Mohamed
Portrait ofVirginie Frémat
Virginie Frémat
Portrait ofRodrigo Campero
Rodrigo Campero, LL.M.
Portrait ofJacques Simhon, LL.M.
Jacques Simhon, LL.M.
Portrait ofDanielle Drummond-Brassington
Danielle Drummond-Brassington
Ruth Stackpool-Moore
Investment Manager - Omni Bridgeway
Alessandro Voglino
Managing Director of Shared Underwriters
Ernesto Vargas
Professor for Private Law, University of Chile and Teaching Fellow, University College London
Portrait ofChantal Martens
Chantal Martens
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