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CMS advised Syncona Ltd on investment in Anaveon AG

CMS advised Syncona Ltd on investment in Anaveon AG

Syncona Ltd leads a CHF 35 million financing in Anaveon AG, a new immuno-oncology company. Anaveon AG is developing a selective IL-2 Receptor Agonist, a type of protein that could therapeutically enhance a patient’s immune system to respond to tumours. In the body, human IL-2 stimulates a type of immune cell, called a T-cell, to multiply and become activated. Under certain situations, T-cells are able to attack tumours and, consistent with this, human IL-2 is already approved as a medicine for the treatment of metastatic melanoma and renal cancer.

Syncona is a leading healthcare company focused on founding, building and funding global leaders in life science. Anaveon is Syncona’s tenth life science company following the investment in OMass Therapeutics in August 2018.

A team of CMS Switzerland led by Stefan Brunnschweiler has advised Syncona on all legal aspects of the investment.


CMS Switzerland
Stefan Brunnschweiler, Partner, Corporate/M&A
Dr Felix Kesselring, Counsel, Life Sciences & Healthcare
Dr Simone Brauchbar Birkhäuser, Counsel, Intellectual Property
Florian Jung, Associate, Corporate/M&A


For more information, please visit:

Syncona Ltd
Anaveon AG

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