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Portrait of Reto Hunsperger

Reto Hunsperger, LL.M.


CMS von Erlach Partners Ltd
Dreikönigstrasse 7
P.O. Box
8022 Zurich
Languages German, English

Reto Hunsperger acts as head of the insolvency and restructuring department at CMS Zurich.

He specialises in litigation and arbitration. With this focus, he represents national and international companies and individuals before state courts and arbitral tribunals (under ICC Rules, Swiss Rules and CAS Rules), mainly in civil, enforcement and sport law matters. In addition, he serves as arbitrator.

A further focus of Reto Hunsperger lies on all sorts of domestic and international insolvency matters. He has in particular profound expert knowledge in the area of international insolvency law and he advises and assists i.a. foreign insolvency administrators in enforcing claims and adding domestic assets to the foreign insolvency estate. Likewise, he has broad know how in the Swiss insolvency law like for example in the representation of parties in all matters of debt enforcement, bankruptcy and restructuring related proceedings before Swiss authorities and courts.

Finally, Reto Hunsperger is member of the core team of the global CMS Commercial Practice Area Group. He advises his clients in all aspects of commercial law matters, in particular in the drafting of tailor-made sales and service agreements and of complex distribution arrangements as well as of general terms and conditions.

After a traineeship as attorney trainee with a major Zurich business law firm he was admitted to the bar in 2005. He then worked for three years as an associate of a middle-sized law firm in Zurich. Reto Hunsperger joined CMS as attorney in 2009 and is partner since 2015.

“In my view, the role of a good litigator is not only to vigorously defend the client’s interests in an ongoing litigation, but also – at first – to carefully analyse the client’s legal starting position and to discuss with him frankly and fairly the chances, risks and possible costs connected with a potential initiation of proceedings.”

“Being a father of two boys, I enjoy spending spare time with my family, preferably by doing sports.”

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The consistent, persistent, and precise Reto Hunsperger delivers excellent results.

The Legal 500, Leading Firms: German-speaking Switzerland, 2020

Relevant experience

  • Advise and representation of German insolvency administrator in connection with the enforcement of assets (of the insolvency estate) located in Switzerland, including ordering conservatory measures
  • Representation of a Norwegian creditor in the enforcement of Norwegian judgements in Switzerland, including the successful application for a freezing order by lifting the corporate veil and conduct of the ensuing opposition proceedings       
  • Representing an external audit company of a Swiss bank as respondent in recourse proceedings initiated by the bank's internal auditor
  • Representation of a (former) member of the board of a listed Swiss company in multimillion director’s liability proceedings initiated by the bankruptcy estate of the Company
  • Representation of a client of a Swiss private bank asserting claims for damages against the bank for negligent asset management services
  • Representation of an investor in ICC arbitration proceedings under Swiss Rules for claiming damages due to a deception by the initial shareholders
  • Advising client active in the life science sector on the negotiation of distribution agreements for the CEE area 
  • Negotiation of multimillion subcontract for the delivery of parts for transport vehicles
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  • 2009 - Master of Law (LL.M., in commercial law), University of Cambridge (UK)
  • 2005 - Bar Admission (Zurich)
  • 2002 - Graduation in law (lic. iur.), University of St. Gallen (diploma thesis was honored with the Walter R. Schluep Award 2002 for the best legal diploma thesis of the University's academic year)
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  • Zurich Bar Association (ZAV)
  • Swiss Bar Association (SBA)
  • Swiss Association for Sport Law (ASDS)
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  • COVID-19-Krise: Vorübergehende Anpassungen des Schweizer Insolvenzrechts, NZI 13/2020, p. 550 ff. (together with Dr Marjolaine Jakob)
  • Zur Liberalisierung des schweizerischen internationalen Insolvenzrechts, NZI 14/2018, p. 545 ff. (together with Dr Marjolaine Jakob)
  • Kaufvertrag (nach Schweizer Recht), Kaufvertrag (nach Wiener Kaufrecht) in: Münch/Lehne/Probst, Schweizer Vertragshandbuch, Musterverträge für die Praxis, 3. Auflage, Helbling Lichtenhahn Verlag 2018 (together with Katja Egle, Philipp S. Gelzer)
  • Wirtschaftssanktionen: Was ist zu tun? Zürcher Wirtschaft Ratgeber 05/2018
  • Internationales Konkursrecht der Schweiz - Quo Vadis?, AJP/PJA, 09/2017
  • Fallstricke des Replikrechts im Zivilprozess – eine Replik, AJP/PJA, 04/2017
  • Erfüllungsklage des Käufers, Vorsorgliche Massnahmen zur Erfüllungsklage des Käufers, Klage des Käufers beim Verzug des Verkäufers in: Fischer/Theus Simoni/Gessler, Kommentierte Musterklagen zum Vertrags- und zum Haftpflichtrecht, Schulthess Juristische Medien AG, 2016, (together with Jodok Wicki, Bernhard Lötscher)
  • Fallstricke des Replikrechts im Zivilprozess und Lösungsvorschläge de lege ferenda, AJP/PJA, 07/2013
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Lectures list

  • Fachgruppe SchKG des Zürcher Anwaltsverbands: Vortrag zum Thema: «Revisionsbestrebungen im internationalen Konkursrecht der Schweiz» (together with Dr Marjolaine Jakob, ArbP, Attorney at Law), 15 November 2017
  • "Liability" und "Warranty" in "Commercial Contracts" unter Schweizer Recht - "Lost in Translation" (CMS Commercial Breakfast, client seminar), 26 February 2015
  • AGB – Verloren im Kleingedruckten (CMS Commercial Breakfast, client Seminar), 18 November 2015
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