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The International Investigations Review | 10th Edition

Chapter on Switzerland

The International Investigations Review by The Law Reviews 

Criminal and regulatory investigations have evolved since the turn of the millennium into a topic of particular interest and concern for corporates. Keeping pace with respective developments on an international level can be an unnerving assignment, as regulatory and criminal law – especially corporate criminal law – are areas that are changing at an ever-increasing pace.

The International Investigations Review acts as an essential guide when confronted with a criminal or regulatory investigation. it will provide a guide to the main issues and characteristics of a particular country's set of laws and will serve as a valuable overview for both in-house and external counsel.

The 10th edition of the International Investigations Review was recently published by Law Business Research Ltd. and the chapter on Switzerland was co-authored by Bernhard Lötscher, head of our white-collar crime team, and can be downloaded here.

The International Investigations Review | 10th Edition | Swiss Chapter
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Portrait of Portrait of Bernhard Lötscher
Bernhard Lötscher