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We are committed to innovation and to providing our clients with the best possible support for their innovations – or for joint innovations. In addition to innovation teams in all the main practice areas, which hold weekly meetings to discuss relevant issues, our steadily growing special Smart Solutions unit is a highly tangible example of the importance we attach to innovation. The unit combines knowledge management, alternative sourcing and legal tech, with a specific focus on innovation in legal IT, knowledge transfer and the way services are delivered. Most of its staff are based in an innovative office at the EUREF campus in Berlin. The team has grown continuously and currently numbers more than 40 dedicated employees.

When looking at any innovative idea or technology, we ask ourselves two questions: Does it help to solve a real-world problem? Does it really benefit our clients or our firm? Innovation and disruption should not be an end in themselves.

At CMS, innovation means offering clients new, high-quality services and creating new ways to access our service portfolio. Our firm’s structure and direction therefore continue to evolve.

Technology toolkit

There are many ways in which the legal sector can leverage technology to make processes simpler and more efficient. CMS has been using innovative third-party tools for many years to support a range of internal and external processes. Unlike its competitors, CMS also has a long history of developing its own tools wherever this approach delivers the best results.

CMS Extranets
Kollaboratives Zusammenarbeiten mit Ihren Rechtsanwälten
Maschinenlernende Software
Sichtung großer Datenmengen – schneller und besser
Beliebige Muster als Vertragsautomat
Personenbezüge mittels künstlicher Intelligenz automatisch aufheben lassen
Projektmanagement und -plattformen

Our products and solutions

CMS has already developed many technical solutions to provide support around the specific legal, regulatory and business challenges you face. Integrating our solutions and the associated legal services into your legal department allows you to automate processes, embed expertise into specific work steps and make workflows more efficient.

The list of solutions includes products that can be deployed completely independently; predesigned solutions that use technology and preintegrated expertise to deliver standardised conventional advice in processes and for personnel deployment, putting it on a completely new footing and enabling entirely new insights; and free/freemium tools for everyday use.

We also offer development of customised solutions to meet your company’s specific needs. Please contact us for details.

CMS Open Source Kit
Analyse und Feststellung der in Software enthaltenen Komponenten und Lizenzen
CMS Corporate Tools
Corporate Housekeeping made easy
Corporate Housekeeping
Resolution Assistant
Gesellschafterbeschlüsse erstellen und im Blick behalten
Group under Control
Reviewing International Corporate Governance Structures
Condition Manager
Finanzierungstransaktionen kollaborativ abwickeln
AGM Manager
Support for a successful annual general meeting
Transaction Manager
Digital management of transaction processes
Reorganisation & PMI Planner
Supporting a successful reorganisation and integration process
CMS FPE (use of external personnel)
Tool for quick and easy individual assessment
Social Compensation Plan Study
Systematically Assessing Social Compensation Plans
CMS Select (Redundancy Selection Criteria)
A central platform for your transformation project
Restructuring Manager
Digital coordination of emplyment lawrelated transformation processes
CMS HR Tools
Useful HR tools on one platform
Private Placements Questionnaire
Short Attack - Online Risk Check
CMS Know-how Protection
CMS Breach Assistant
Mobile platform
Asset Manager
Innovative portfolio management
Compliance risk management tool
Analysing compliance risks
CMS Dawn Raid Assistant
The CMS App designed to assist your Business in the Event of a Dawn Raid
CMS Insurance App
Stay informed of the latest legal developments and emerging risks impacting the insurance market
CMS Public Procurement Remedies Toolbox
CMS Green Trail
Guide to professional sustainability management
CMS CSDDD Navigator
Find out if your company is ready for upcoming EU regulation on supply chains

Online knowledge services

Innovation depends on new knowledge. CMS is strongly committed to promoting current awareness internally. We will be happy to help you stay up to date with the latest industry regulations, thereby allowing you to identify and overcome emerging challenges to your business. Our online services enable us to offer quick and easy access to relevant legal knowledge.

CMS InfoService
Our podcast on current legal topics
CMS Blog
CMS Expert Guides
Discover expert legal content written by CMS lawyers from across the jurisdictions where we operate
For the future facing view on financial services regulation
CMS Law-Now
Anticipate future challenges with expert commentary, insights and focused legal analysis