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Labor, Employment & Pensions

With more than 110 employment lawyers based in Germany’s major commercial centres, we are able to offer excellent advice tailored to your specific needs.

Our clients include companies of all sizes, based both within Germany and worldwide from DAX-listed corporations to high-performing SMEs.

Clients and competitors alike agree that CMS is now “the first choice in Germany” for employment law. We pride ourselves on always remaining aware of the wider context – without losing sight of important details – and develop real-world, sustainable solutions to your legal challenges.

Always by your side, nationally and internationally

Where there are cross-border aspects, we provide one-stop international legal advice, involving international teams if required.

Our excellence clusters – specialist knowledge focused on your business

We have established excellence clusters. These clusters combine the specialist and industry knowledge relating to specific legal issues or particular practice groups and sectors as well as on individual and collective employment law aspects. This type of focus is unique within the German labor & employment law market.

What others say about us

 "None of its competitors is as active in providing high-end advice on employment law. In addition, no other firm has the manpower to work in parallel on a large number of complex projects at the same time as providing long-term advice to a high-calibre client base."
(JUVE Handbook, 2012/2013)

"CMS Hasche Sigle provides ‘great performance at a reasonable price’, and has an admirably comprehensive practice capable of acting on high-end cross-border matters as well as domestic issues."
(Legal 500, 2012)

We are strategic partners of the

Bundesverband der Arbeitsrechtler in Unternehmen e.V. (BVAU)

The Bundesverband der Arbeitsrechtler in Unternehmen (BVAU) is an independent body representing the interests of employment lawyers. It promotes the transfer of knowledge and exchange of information, seeks to raise the profile of employment lawyers in companies and supports education and training for junior lawyers. At CMS Germany, our support for the BVAU and its objectives includes active participation in its events.

Deployment of external staff

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Excellence Clusters
CMS employment lawyers from a range of specialist areas work together within our excellence clusters. These clusters combine the specialist and indust
Expat Desk
The international deployment of personnel is a long-established part of HR practice, particularly for global corporate groups. It is becoming increasi
International Expertise
We have brought together the specialist knowledge of over 280 employment law experts, based in locations both within Europe and beyond, to create our
CMS New Work
Prac­tic­al tools for in­tro­du­cing mo­bile work­ing
Arbeit­s­recht­liche Re­struk­tur­i­er­ung
(in Ger­man)


CMS ad­vises share­hold­er in Zahnen Tech­nik on sale of ma­jor­ity stake to...
Frank­furt/Main – The share­hold­er in Zahnen Tech­nik GmbH, a solu­tion pro­vider for wa­ter treat­ment, has sold a ma­jor­ity in­terest to HBL In­vest­ment­Part­ners GmbH. The new part­ner­ship will fo­cus on con­tinu­ing...
CMS ad­vises Bridge­point's port­fo­lio com­pany Qual­itest on ac­quis­i­tion of...
Leipzig / Frank­furt/Main – Bridge­point's Lon­don-based port­fo­lio com­pany Qual­itest has ac­quired Tel­ex­iom, a lead­ing IT con­sult­ing spe­cial­ist based in Co­logne. The ac­quis­i­tion gives Qual­itest a strong...
CMS ad­vises private equity in­vestor capiton on in­vest­ment in Solvis
Stut­tgart – Private equity firm capiton has ac­quired a stake in Braun­sch­weig-based Solvis, a de­veloper and man­u­fac­turer of re­source-sav­ing and en­ergy-ef­fi­cient hy­brid heat­ing sys­tems. To­geth­er, capiton...
CMS ad­vises Ca­na­dian fin­an­cial soft­ware pro­vider Fresh­Books on ac­quis­i­tion...
Leipzig/Frank­furt am Main – Fresh­Books, a lead­ing pro­vider of cloud-based ac­count­ing soft­ware with cus­tom­ers in more than 160 coun­tries which is headquartered in Toronto (Canada), has ac­quired Fast­Bill...
CMS ad­vises lo­gist­ics start-up Aparkado on fin­an­cing round
Düs­sel­dorf – Start-up Aparkado has se­cured fund­ing as part of a seed round of fin­an­cing. Jens Thi­er­mann, IT en­tre­pren­eur and founder of the Timo­com di­git­al freight ex­change, has in­ves­ted in the com­pany...
CMS ad­vises Atos Med­ic­al on ac­quis­i­tion of Tracoe Group and Kapi­tex PLC
Co­logne – Atos Med­ic­al, a glob­al lead­er in laryn­gec­tomy care, has ac­quired the Tracoe Group and UK-based Kapi­tex Health­care. Tracoe in­cludes TRACOE med­ic­al, a lead­ing Ger­man com­pany in the tracheo­stomy...
CMS ad­vises Afin­um on ma­jor­ity stake in Tisso Natur­produkte
Mu­nich – Afin­um Achte Beteili­gungs­gesell­schaft mbH & Co. KG, which is ad­vised by Afin­um Man­age­ment GmbH, has ac­quired a ma­jor­ity share­hold­ing in Tisso Natur­produkte GmbH, a spe­cial­ist sup­pli­er of thera­peut­ic...
Em­ploy­ment ter­min­a­tion law and le­gis­la­tion in Ger­many
1. Dis­missal of em­ploy­ees 1.1 Reas­ons for dis­missal Em­ploy­ees with more than six months’ con­tinu­ous ser­vice with an em­ploy­er which em­ploys more than ten em­ploy­ees (in ex­cep­tion­al cases: more than...
FAQ on short-time work (Kur­z­arbeit)
Please note that the leg­al situ­ation with re­gard to the Corona pan­dem­ic is sub­ject to con­stant change. There­fore the fol­low­ing in­form­a­tion only re­flects the above-men­tioned status. Thus it is ur­gently...
CMS ad­vises Siri­on Bi­otech share­hold­ers on ac­quis­i­tion by PerkinElmer
Mu­nich – Lis­ted US com­pany PerkinElmer, Inc. has ac­quired SIRI­ON BI­OTECH, a lead­ing glob­al pro­vider of vir­al vec­tor-based tech­no­lo­gies for cell and gene ther­apies. Siri­on has es­tab­lished a strong port­fo­lio...
Salary cut when work­ing from home: A US mod­el for com­pan­ies in Ger­many?
Ac­cord­ing to press re­ports, em­ploy­ees in some US tech­no­logy groups have ac­cess to an IT-based cal­cu­la­tion pro­gram that al­lows them to cal­cu­late their salary de­pend­ing on where they work. For ex­ample...
Gender pay: What’s needed to make equal­ity a real­ity?
A CMS We­bin­ar on Tues­day 21 Septem­ber will ex­plore what so­ci­ety and busi­nesses need to do to close the on­go­ing dis­par­ity in men and wo­men’s pay. Did you know that 18 Septem­ber 2021 is UN Equal Pay Day?...