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Our 120+ employment lawyers in Germany are at the forefront of their field and leading innovators. They offer legal advice at the cutting edge: efficient, strategic and technically outstanding. With solutions for today and beyond.

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We lever­age our pro­pri­et­ary leg­al tech solu­tions to help you deal ef­fi­ciently...

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German Labour and Employment Law
No need to worry – we are at your sideOur multilingual team is well-versed at advising companies doing business in Germany in all employment and labou
Legal Tech in employment law
We leverage our proprietary legal tech solutions to help you deal efficiently with the increasing challenges around employment law. All our tools offe
HR Compliance
Case Study | A Christmas surpriseWith works council elections due in the coming year, the works council wanted to put all external skilled workers up
Directors & Benefits
Case Study | From many to one: harmonisation of company-wide remuneration structuresEveryone doing their own thing on remuneration: that was the situa
Case Study | A client in financial difficulties, a militant works council and a trade union calling for a strike.That was the situation confronting ou
Case Study | Think global, act local, or the art of converting to an SEAn international group of companies was planning strategic realignment of a cor
Case Study | Not an easy task: tidying up the pension landscape A complex pension landscape where some schemes had been in place for so long that none
New Work
Case Study | Group-wide IT projects and their pitfallsIt’s a fairly typical situation: the foreign parent company decides to deploy new HR software ac

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Arbeit­s­recht­liche COV­ID-19-The­men
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FAQ zu arbeit­s­recht­lichen Re­struk­tur­i­er­ungen
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Ex­pan­sion of mar­ket po­s­i­tion: In­ter­na­tion­al CMS team ad­vises Kan­sai He­lios...
Co­logne – Glob­al paint and coat­ings pro­du­cer Kan­sai He­lios has ac­quired all the shares in CWS Lack­fab­rik GmbH (CWS), a spe­cial­ist in powder coat­ings and syn­thet­ic res­ins. The deal in­cludes the group...
Ex­pan­sion strategy: CMS ad­vises NORD Hold­ing on ex­pand­ing Pub­lic Cloud...
Co­logne – The Pub­lic Cloud Group has ex­pan­ded its port­fo­lio of ser­vices by ac­quir­ing Erd­ing-based SAP spe­cial­ist LNW-Soft. The ac­quis­i­tion will en­able the multi-cloud ser­vice pro­vider to mi­grate its...
Com­pre­hens­ive ad­vice on se­cur­ing en­ergy sup­ply in Ger­many
Ham­burg/Stut­tgart – Strug­gling gas com­pany Se­cur­ing En­ergy for Europe (SEFE) has been trans­ferred to the own­er­ship of the Fed­er­al Re­pub­lic of Ger­many in or­der to se­cure Ger­man gas sup­plies. SEFE is...
Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence in HR man­age­ment
I. In­tro­duc­tion Of­ten de­scribed as the key tech­no­logy of the fu­ture, ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence (AI) holds many prom­ises. Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence is a term used in a wide vari­ety of con­texts today, but it...
Five myths about anti-dis­crim­in­a­tion law in Ger­many
The end of dis­crim­in­a­tion in every­day life seems a long way off. Dis­crim­in­a­tion is of­ten the res­ult of ig­nor­ance. A good reas­on to learn more about anti-dis­crim­in­a­tion law. Not only in the United States...
Key points pa­per of the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment on can­nabis leg­al­iz­a­tion
It's get­ting more con­crete: The fed­er­al gov­ern­ment sets out key points for the planned leg­al­iz­a­tion of re­cre­ation­al can­nabis In the co­ali­tion agree­ment, the co­ali­tion parties agreed to al­low "con­trolled...
In­solv­ency ad­min­is­trat­or Dr Chris­ti­an Holzmann agrees as­set deal for MANO...
Duessel­dorf – On 1 Novem­ber 2022, Düs­sel­dorf Dis­trict Court opened in­solv­ency pro­ceed­ings in re­la­tion to the as­sets of MANO Arbeit­nehmer-Über­las­sungs­gesell­schaft mbH (MANO), which is based in Duessel­dorf...
Flat rate for en­ergy costs and en­ergy sav­ing in the work­place
This art­icle sets out the frame­work con­di­tions for the flat rate for en­ergy costs and en­ergy sav­ing in the work­place and gives tips on how to im­ple­ment them. In or­der to al­le­vi­ate the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion...
Whis­tleblower pro­tec­tion and re­port­ing chan­nels in Ger­many
1. Is there a law on whis­tleblow­ing in your coun­try? There is no law on whis­tleblow­ing yet. However, in April 2022 the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Justice and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion is­sued a draft bill for a...
In­fla­tion com­pens­a­tion premi­um: a worthy suc­cessor to the Corona Bo­nus?
A one-off pay­ment pro­posed by the gov­ern­ment Every­one is talk­ing about the in­fla­tion com­pens­a­tion premi­um. Well hid­den in the law for the tem­por­ary re­duc­tion of the VAT rate for the sup­ply of gas via...
Ger­man im­mig­ra­tion and travel re­quire­ments for refugees from Ukraine
The in­form­a­tion is cur­rently ac­cur­ate as at 7 March. | Наразі інформація актуальна станом на 7 березня. 1. Do I need a visa to enter this jur­is­dic­tion? | Чи...
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Dis­missals and Ter­min­a­tion of Em­ploy­ment in Ger­many
1. Dis­missal of em­ploy­ees 1.1 Reas­ons for dis­missal Em­ploy­ees with more than six months’ con­tinu­ous ser­vice with an em­ploy­er which em­ploys more than ten em­ploy­ees (in ex­cep­tion­al cases: more than...