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Digital transformation is changing the way legal advice is delivered, with smart technologies enabling new digital products and automated processes. It is already apparent that legal tech will play a major role in tomorrow’s legal services landscape.

Why legal tech matters for your organisation

More and more industries are changing as a result of digitisation. The response from government is tighter regulation. Companies simultaneously face greater cost pressure due to growing competition.

In this disruptive environment, demands on legal departments are also increasing. Digitisation of the legal market raises additional legal issues that need to be addressed – mostly without additional resources being available. As a result, legal departments are being forced to standardise their commodity business and optimise delivery of their higher-value services.

Legal tech can help you better organise your legal services and transition from being a simple problem solver to a management unit that plays a proactive role within the company. With the aid of legal tech applications, you can:

  1. Reduce workloads by eliminating redundant tasks
  2. Boost efficiency through improved collaboration
  3. Promote innovation thanks to new services

A legal tech firm: CMS is a pioneer in digital products and processes

At a time when new, innovative players are disrupting the established legal market, CMS has embraced legal tech and is actively promoting digital transformation within the legal industry.

CMS is one of a handful of major law firms in Germany to have had specialist departments dedicated to legal technology for several years now. Our digitisation experts have developed structures that provide operational support for digital products and processes, while also ensuring continuous development. Our legal tech efforts are mainly focused on digitising analogue services, plus the automated evaluation and analysis of project information. The main goals for our legal tech teams are to improve processes within the organisation and enhance cooperation between project participants.

Legal tech know-how from multiple perspectives

The legal tech teams at CMS combine the knowledge and experience of numerous experts from a range of different disciplines. These experts include lawyers, transaction staff and project lawyers as well as business economists, programmers and many more. Together, they not only create stand-alone digital solutions for deployment in your company, they also use legal tech applications to provide operational support and assist with projects – from project launch through process modelling to completion and post-project evaluation.

In addition to products and solutions developed by our own legal tech teams, we provide clients with proven legal tech apps from third-party developers. These high-end digital solutions offer legally compliant implementation and efficient management of your legal advice project.

Alongside our work for clients, CMS is also helping to shape the legal tech market in a number of different ways. We are a founding member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), co-publisher of the BUJ studies Legal Management of Innovation and Digital Economy & Law, and a regular participant in national and international conferences on digital products and process solutions.

Januar 2018
Stud­ie "Leg­al Man­age­ment of In­nov­a­tion"
In der deutsch­land­weit er­sten Er­hebung zum recht­lichen Umgang mit In­nov­a­tion­en im Un­terneh­men geben Ver­treter aus mehr als 200 Rechts­ab­teilun­gen Aus­kun­ft darüber, wie sie mit dis­rupt­iven Ideen umge­hen, welche Heraus­for­der­ungen und Risiken sie se­hen und welche The­men­feld­er und Rechts­ge­bi­ete aus ihr­er Sicht von In­nov­a­tion­en und neuen Geschäfts­mod­el­len be­t­ro­f­fen sein wer­den. Darüber hinaus liefert die Stud­ie wer­tvolle Hin­weise da­rauf, welche Trends und En­twicklun­gen im Zusam­men­hang mit dem Leg­al Man­age­ment of In­nov­a­tion für Rechts­ab­teilun­gen und Un­terneh­men zu er­warten sind und welche Aus­wirkun­gen das auf die Arbeit in den Rechts­ab­teilun­gen haben wird. Er­gän­zt wer­den die Stud­ien­ergeb­n­isse durch ein­en um­fan­greichen recht­lichen Teil. Zahlreiche Spezi­al­isten von CMS ge­hen dort auf die wichtig­sten recht­lichen Frages­tel­lungen rund um das Man­age­ment von In­nov­a­tion­en ein.Bei In­teresse an der Stud­ie neh­men Sie gerne Kon­takt zu uns auf.Zur Pressemit­teilung >>
November 2016
Stud­ie: Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht
Sind die Rechts­ab­teilun­gen deutscher Un­terneh­men auf die di­gitale Trans­form­a­tion vorbereit­et? Welche Heraus­for­der­ungen, Chan­cen und Risiken er­warten die In­house-An­wälte durch die Di­git­al­is­ier­ung? Was sind die The­men­feld­er und Rechts­ge­bi­ete, die durch den di­gitalen Wan­del be­son­ders be­t­ro­f­fen sind? Die Stud­ie „Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht“, heraus­gegeben vom BUJ (Bundes­verb­and der Un­ternehmens­jur­isten) und CMS, liefert An­t­worten auf diese und zahlreiche weit­ere Fra­gen. Sie bes­chränkt sich aber nicht nur auf Zah­len und Fak­ten, son­dern liefert im zweiten Teil auch wer­tvolle In­form­a­tion­en zu recht­lichen Frages­tel­lungen, die in un­mit­tel­bar­em Zusam­men­hang mit der Di­git­al­is­ier­ung stehen.Trail­er zur Stud­ie „Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht“560340ht­tps://youtu.be/fXReuzbR1mE1al­waysBei In­teresse an der Stud­ie neh­men Sie gerne Kon­takt zu uns auf.Zur Pressemit­teilung >>


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CMS and Küm­mer­lein ad­vise Tele­fón­ica Deutsch­land on sale of rooftop ra­dio...
Tele­fón­ica Deutsch­land has sold its pass­ive in­fra­struc­ture com­pris­ing around 10,000 rooftop sites and up to 80 tower sites to Telxi­us Tele­com S.A. for a pur­chase price of EUR 1.5 bil­lion. Sev­er­al private equity in­vestors are share­hold­ers in Telxi­us Teleco
April 2020
CMS Sur­vey – for ef­fi­cient man­age­ment of sur­vey pro­cesses
CMS Sur­vey is a di­git­al sur­vey and data con­sol­id­a­tion product that sim­pli­fies the pre­par­a­tion and pro­cessing of leg­al sur­vey in­form­a­tion as well as its eval­u­ation and ana­lys­is. The whole pro­cess is handled with­in one product ap­plic­a­tion...
CMS ad­vises Art-In­vest Real Es­tate on ac­quis­i­tion of Listhaus in Leipzig
Prop­erty in­vestor Art-In­vest Real Es­tate has ac­quired the Listhaus build­ing on Friedrich-List-Platz in Leipzig for one of its in­vest­ment funds. A CMS team headed by part­ner Dr Malte Bruhns and Phil­ipp Schönnen­beck ad­vised Art-In­vest Real Es­tate on leg­al a
January 2019
The ten­sion between GDPR and the rise of block­chain tech­no­lo­gies
Mer­ger­mar­ket award: CMS is “Ger­many M&A Leg­al Ad­viser of the Year”
Com­mer­cial law firm CMS Ger­many has been re­cog­nised as “Ger­many M&A Leg­al Ad­viser of the Year” by Mer­ger­mar­ket at this year’s European M&A Awards...
CMS ad­vises VR Equity­part­ner and BIP In­vest­ment Part­ners on sale of spe­cial­ist...
Frank­furt-based private equity firm VR Equity­part­ner and BIP In­vest­ment Part­ners S.A. of Lux­em­bourg have sold their jointly-held port­fo­lio com­pany LEUNA-Ten­side GmbH to US firm Vant­age Spe­cialty Chem­ic­als Hold­ing Inc...
18 October 2018
Mon­it­or­ing em­ploy­ee be­ha­viour through AI
CM­S' new ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence in­sight re­port ex­plores ways in which em­ploy­ers can mon­it­or em­ploy­ee be­ha­viour through the use of AI, and the vari­ous leg­al is­sues it raises.
10 October 2018
Do hu­mans dream of elec­tron­ic ad­visors?
Robo-ad­visors can be defined as auto­mated ap­plic­a­tions that provide in­vest­ment ad­vice or take on port­fo­lio man­age­ment ser­vices for fin­an­cial in­stru­ments. These..
26 Sep 2018
The over-con­nec­ted doll, a Toy Story gone awry
The over-con­nec­ted doll, a Toy Story gone awry. Read more!
January 2018
Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence and Ro­bot­ics and Their Im­pact on the Work­place
The present wave of auto­ma­tion, driv­en by ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence (AI) – the de­vel­op­ment of com­puter sys­tems able to per­form tasks nor­mally re­quir­ing hu­man in­tel­li­gence – is cre­at­ing a gap between cur­rent le­gis­la­tion and new laws ne­ces­sary for an emer­ging
“Leg­al Man­age­ment of In­nov­a­tion” sur­vey: Pres­sure to in­nov­ate re­quires...
Ger­man com­pan­ies gen­er­ated an ex­port sur­plus of EUR 257 bil­lion in 2016 alone. Yet suc­cess comes at a price: in or­der for Ger­many to re­main a lead­ing play­er in world mar­kets, busi­nesses must pour more and more money in­to R&D. Ac­cord­ing to re­cent es­tim­ates
CMS ex­pands leg­al tech strategy by de­ploy­ing Kira ma­chine learn­ing soft­ware
Com­mer­cial law firm CMS has signed an agree­ment with Ca­na­dian com­pany Kira Sys­tems for the use of its Kira ma­chine learn­ing soft­ware. The soft­ware uses ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence to identi­fy, ana­lyse and ex­tract clauses and oth­er in­form­a­tion from con­tracts a