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The attack by Russia and the economic sanctions imposed pose particular challenges for companies. We have compiled up-to-date information for companies in our Ukraine-Russia Info Centre.

If you have any questions about how to deal with the current situation and the impact on your company, our specialists and your usual contacts at CMS are at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us!

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War damage in Ukraine: all you need to know to obtain compensation
According to a report on 2 May 2022 prepared by the President’s Office, the government and the Kyiv School of Economics Institute, Ukraine had already suffered losses of USD 600bn due to the war.

Force Majeure - Hardship in relation to Conflict and Sanctions
The invasion of Ukraine has prompted western democracies, including the European Union, UK and US, to initiate a raft of sanctions against Russian-owned companies, and prominent individuals closely associated with the Russian government and its leadership. These sanctions are having a far-reaching effect on the supply chain and business contracts across the globe.

ECN-Stellungnahme zur Anwendbarkeit des Kartellrechts im Zusammenhang mit dem Ukraine-Krieg
Die EU-Kommission hat zusammen mit den nationalen Wettbewerbsbehörden als europäisches Wettbewerbsnetz am 21. März 2022 eine Erklärung veröffentlicht.

Ukraine-Krieg: Wie Arbeitgeber rechtssicher helfen können
Wie können Arbeitgeber das ehrenamtliche Engagement ihrer Mitarbeiter unterstützen? Dürfen Arbeitgeber bevorzugt ukrainische Flüchtlinge einstellen?

Ukraine: Tax relief measures for businesses introduced for the duration of martial law
On 15 March 2022, Ukrainian parliament passed draft law No 7137-д, which adopts tax measures aimed at supporting businesses and people during wartime.

Ukrainian Desk
Our Ukrainian Desk is your central point of contact in Germany for legal...


Obligation to include a "No Russia clause" in supply agreements
For some export transactions, re-exportation to Russia must be contractually prohibited. Model clauses present conflicts with German law on general terms and con­di­tions.Com­pan­ies must keep abreast of...
Handling the new EU sanctions against Russia
Latest update: 27 June 2023
German immigration and travel requirements for refugees from Ukraine
The information is currently accurate as at 7 March. | Наразі інформація актуальна станом на 7 березня. 1. Do I need a visa to enter this jurisdiction? | Чи...
CMS aid projects for Ukraine
Berlin – International commercial law firm CMS Germany was shocked by the attack on Ukraine. The firm and its staff wish to provide tangible assistance to people who are in need due to the war in Ukraine...
CMS ceases operations in Russia
Berlin – Commercial law firm CMS Germany remains deeply concerned about the attacks on Ukraine. The thoughts of our entire team are with all Ukrainians who are suffering as a result of this war. CMS...
Employment of Ukrainian refugees
Many of our clients want to help people who have fled Ukraine by offering them jobs. In some cases, there is already a connection with these Ukrainian nationals because they are employed at affiliated...
EU and UK Sanctions against Russia: a focus on the Financial Sector
In recent days the EU and the UK have adopted and expanded a number of sanctions measures against Russian and Belarusian individuals and companies. This article focuses on restrictive measures directed...