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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CMS is actively committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We signed up to Germany’s Diversity Charter in 2012. This commitment bears testimony to our unceasing efforts to create and maintain a working environment based on tolerance and mutual respect. 

In 2021, CMS set out its shared goals in the Diversity & Inclusion Charter, which applies throughout the firm. We see diversity as a clear advantage. The firm is committed to accepting people of different nationalities, genders, ethnic and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and with a wide range of lived experience. We ensure that this commitment to diversity is a reality at all our locations. 

Our initiatives and networks

Women@CMS – network for female lawyers 

Once a month, interested female lawyers can use a simple booking system to arrange a (virtual) lunch appointment with a partner or female principal counsel in the context of the Women@CMS Lunch Week. There are also quarterly events for all female CMS lawyers and legal staff, with inspirational presentations and the opportunity to share ideas in smaller groups.

Pride@CMS – LGBTQIA* network

The Pride@CMS network, set up in Germany in 2022, is open to all members of our teams, from partners, counsel and associates through assistants, legal and business services staff to researchers and interns. Pride@CMS offers a contact point for ideas and questions involving LGBTQIA* issues. It also provides the basis for regular dialogue to all those who feel addressed by the programme and wish to get involved in it.

E-learning for diversity & inclusion

The compulsory annual training for all members of the firm provides an overview of the multiple dimensions of diversity and discrimination. It also highlights how even small changes in behaviour can contribute to everyone being accepted and appreciated at CMS.

D&I Roundtable

Set up in 2021, the D&I Roundtable brings together colleagues from all locations, professional groups and levels of seniority for informal talks. Experience is shared and possible improvements are explored in a trust-based setting. Joint action is also planned.

Our cooperation partnerships 

nushu is a business network for women that aims to achieve real equal opportunities and parity for women in business. Our female lawyers have been participating in the network since 2017. Together with the nushu team, they organise exciting events and also “legal verticals”, where expertise and networking are at the forefront.
Initiative Women into Leadership (IWiL) is a non-profit association supporting the ongoing development of women leaders. The formation of a cross-mentoring programme enables women in senior positions to share experience with top-level managers, resulting in personal and accessible dialogue across company boundaries. CMS has been working with IWiL since 2021, arranging mentors and taking part in networking events.
Target Gender Equality is an accelerator programme for companies committed to the UN Global Compact. CMS was a participant in 2021 and 2022. The programme helps to implement the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) more effectively, while strengthening the contribution of business to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through an analysis of the status quo, plus workshops and dialogue, it promotes decisive business action to boost women’s representation in general and women’s leadership in particular.
ALICE is an LGBTQIA* career-related and allyship network for lawyers. It connects law firms, students, interns, law professionals and LGBTQIA* activists, united by the common desire to stand up for an inclusive and pro-diversity corporate culture and society. As an official supporter and Silver sponsor of ALICE, we have been advocating for a respectful and diverse corporate culture since 2020.
FidAR ("Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte") was founded at the end of 2006 by women in leadership positions in business, academia, and politics with the aim of significantly and sustainably increasing the proportion of women on German supervisory boards.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact diversity@cms-hs.com.

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