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Sustainability has many aspects. One of them is how businesses can contribute to a more sustainable world – an issue that is gaining in importance. More and more companies are asking themselves how they can make their business practices more sustainable – including CMS Germany. Not only because they believe it is the right thing to do, but also because of new statutory requirements. Customers, investors and business partners across all sectors are calling for a tangible commitment to more sustainable ways of doing business. For job applicants, a commitment to sustainability is fast becoming a deal breaker. In some industries, entire business models are being transformed along ESG lines.

What role does the law play in sustainable business operations? Legislators and companies alike have recognised that the law can be used as a tool for making sustainability a reality. Anyone seeking to align their business with ESG principles soon discovers that from a legal viewpoint, we are still a long way from exhausting all the options. The current trend is often referred to as “juridification”.

Anyone who fails to put sustainability on their corporate agenda will eventually become unviable and unable to keep up with client requirements and employee expectations. Accordingly, CMS attaches great importance to operating in a resource-efficient and sustainable manner. This shared commitment is part of our daily business and social responsibility.
Dr. Martin Vorsmann, Managing Partner

CMS helps clients in a number of ways to apply the law effectively as part of their sustainability strategy and challenges, to reduce risk and to comply with new regulatory requirements. As a full-service law firm, we have relevant expertise in all the legal aspects of sustainable business practices. To better serve you, we have brought this expertise together in a practice group consisting of ESG specialists from a number of legal fields.

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Environment & Climate Change
Climate Change, EEG and the Environment
Civil society, businesses and politicians have become increasingly aware of climate change and its harmful impact on people, the environment and the e
Governance & Risk Compliance
Corporate governance & risk compliance
In 2018, the European Commission published its Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. Since then, sustainability has also become a central theme
Social / Human Rights
Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation
Procurement and employment play a key role if a company wishes to become more sustainable. With regard to employment, professional sustainability
Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Finance
In the European Green Deal, the European Union has committed to becoming the first climate-neutral economic area in the world by 2050. In the pursuit

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​Modular step-by-step plan that supports ESG compliance – digital access, in­dustry-spe­cif­ic assessment and individual recommendations for your ESG strategy
CMS Green Globe
The CMS Green Globe is an interactive platform that allows businesses and clients to stay aware and duly informed about all the main rapidly changing trends and developments in relation to sustainability claims. The CMS Green Globe helps you to avoid greenwashing your consumer. Here you find:Latest news on sustainability claim­sIn­ter­act­ive map – Country-specific trends for 29 jur­is­dic­tions­G­lob­al trendsRelated ESG products by CMSKey contacts/CMS Green Globe TeamSubscribe to CMS Green Globe Newsletter here.


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