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Digital Transformation

Smart data, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 all demonstrate how digital transformation has brought far-reaching changes to the global economy. These changes are now part of everyday corporate life and affect almost every industry. Companies are increasingly seeing digital transformation as an opportunity and reinventing their processes for the digital age.

The challenges of digital transformation

There are, however, still many unresolved issues around legally defensible implementation of digitisation strategies. Innovative business models and the use of new technologies confront companies with completely novel legal challenges. Digital transformation impacts data protection, IT security, contract design, liability and regulation. Accordingly, interdisciplinary collaboration is now more important than ever. You may find further information in our joint study "Digital Economy and Law" with the Bundesverband der Unternehmensjuristen (BUJ).

Block­chain in Deutsch­land – Ein­satz, Po­ten­ziale, Heraus­for­der­ungen
Die Block­chain-Tech­no­lo­gie ist neben dem Thema Künst­liche In­tel­li­genz eine der spannend­sten tech­no­lo­gis­chen En­twicklun­gen. Im Kern ge­ht es bei der Block­chain dar­um, dass Dat­en­tran­sak­tion­en nicht zen­t­ral...
CMS and ING Whole­sale Bank­ing, act­ing in as­so­ci­ation with FIN­ANCE magazine, have pro­duced a B2B fintech study en­titled “Love at third sight – How B2B fintechs and banks get to­geth­er” and are mak­ing...
Stud­ie: Di­git­al Eco­nomy & Recht
Sind die Rechts­ab­teilun­gen deutscher Un­terneh­men auf die di­gitale Trans­form­a­tion vorbereit­et? Welche Heraus­for­der­ungen, Chan­cen und Risiken er­warten die In­house-An­wälte durch die Di­git­al­is­ier­ung? Was...

A new approach to legal advice – CMS and legal tech

Digital transformation is also changing the way legal advice is delivered. Legal tech – the application of modern technology – opens up a range of new possibilities, from project management to the use of semi-automated legal services.

Below we present key issues around the digital economy, their legal implications and how CMS can assist you in addressing the challenges posed by digital transformation.

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CMS ad­vises tech firm Xayn on de­vel­op­ment of AI-powered se­cure search en­gine
Mu­nich – Ber­lin-based AI com­pany Xayn launched its pri­vacy-pro­tect­ing search en­gine in Decem­ber. This search al­tern­at­ive en­ables users to find in­form­a­tion se­curely on the web. The new app safe­guards...
CMS ad­vises Frank­furt based Block­chain Start-up Agora In­nov­a­tion GmbH (iVE.ONE)...
Frank­furt Main – Frank­furt-based fintech Agora In­nov­a­tion GmbH (iVE.ONE) se­cures an­oth­er fin­an­cing for its iVE.ONE product in a Pre-Series A round from tokentus in­vest­ment AG. With the in­vest­ment, tokentus...
CMS ad­vises fu­ture share­hold­ers of 450con­nect joint ven­ture
Mu­nich – A broad al­li­ance from across the en­ergy and wa­ter in­dustry has ap­plied for the 450 MHz fre­quen­cies that will be­come avail­able this year, us­ing 450con­nect GmbH as their joint vehicle. The aim...
MiCA on point
In ad­di­tion to provid­ing leg­al ad­vice, CMS care­fully mon­it­ors the latest de­vel­op­ments in the mar­ket and shapes them through its in­volve­ment in ad­vis­ory le­gis­lat­ive com­mit­tees. In this way, we keep up...
Glob­al Di­git­al Health Fest­iv­al - Vir­tu­al: Di­git­al trends trans­form­ing HealthTech
Join us for our in­aug­ur­al Glob­al Di­git­al Health Fest­iv­al - Vir­tu­al from 23-26 Novem­ber.   Day 1: Is AI still the fu­ture of health­care? No, it’s the present. But can we keep up with it?Con­sid­er­a­tion...
CMS ad­vises share­hold­ers of soft­ware de­vel­op­ment com­pany in­ma­tion on the...
Ber­lin - The Amer­ic­an group Emer­son Elec­tric has ac­quired an equity in­terest in in­ma­tion Soft­ware GmbH. Emer­son's par­ti­cip­a­tion is in­ten­ded to fur­ther strengthen the co­oper­a­tion between the com­pan­ies.A...
CMS ad­vises Frank­furt-based di­git­al start-up Qual­i­fyze on new fin­an­cing...
Frank­furt/Main – Qual­i­fyze, a Frank­furt-based di­git­al start-up com­pany, has re­ceived new cap­it­al of Euro 3.2 mil­lion in a fur­ther fin­an­cing round for the fur­ther de­vel­op­ment of its cer­ti­fic­a­tion plat­form...
AI in Life Sci­ences
Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence is not new: the term it­self was coined over 60 years ago. However, the con­ver­gence of data volume, pro­cessing power and tech­nic­al cap­ab­il­ity has con­vinced many that the AI era...
CMS ad­vises RAAY Real Es­tate on is­su­ing Ger­many’s first di­git­al in­vest­ment...
Mu­nich – RAAY Real Es­tate GmbH, a joint ven­ture between di­git­al­isa­tion and real es­tate com­pan­ies Datarella GmbH, Ham­mer AG and WER­T­GRUND Im­mob­i­li­en AG, has is­sued Ger­many’s first di­git­al in­vest­ment...
E-pub­lic pro­cure­ment
On 18 Oc­to­ber 2018 ob­lig­at­ory e-pro­cure­ment rules entered in­to force in many EU mem­ber states. The CMS Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment Group has the pleas­ure of shar­ing key in­form­a­tion re­gard­ing mul­tiple jur­is­dic­tions.   Pub­lic...
How block­chain will re­volu­tion­ise the gam­ing in­dustry
Block­chain’s re­volu­tion­ary po­ten­tial reaches far bey­ond the fin­an­cial sec­tor. The gam­ing in­dustry, ever-hungry for change, is now em­bra­cing block­chain – and the new tech­no­logy looks set to dis­rupt...
Se­cur­ity tokens as a form of cor­por­ate fin­an­cing
The token­isa­tion of rights in cap­it­al pro­cure­ment her­alds a new era in se­cur­it­ies is­sues. / By Jörg Baumgart­ner and Markus KaulartzAt the be­gin­ning of the year, when you read that the Fed­er­al Fin­an­cial...