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DiGi POD – The podcast series on trending competition law developments

Our podcast series DiGi POD has been created to provide a platform for our clients, competition law experts as well as competition law enthusiasts to stay up to date on the developments and trending topics in connection with competition law.

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Episode 1

In the competition law world, you can hardly avoid the terms online platforms and digital markets these days. But why are there so many discussions around digital markets and why are there concerns around online platforms?

In our first DiGi POD episode, Roxana Kruse and Peter Giese will walk you through the most important competition law concepts concerning digital markets. They will introduce you to the competition lawyers' glossary around online platforms. Terms such as network effects, lock- in effect and gatekeeper will no longer be a mystery to you and you will find out what this has to do with the Commission's proposal for a Digital Markets Act.


  • Roxana Kruse
  • Peter Giese


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Peter Giese
Peter Giese
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Roxana Mina Kruse
Roxana Mina Kruse
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