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Payment Services

The members of CMS' Payment Services team are able to draw on extensive experience advising the industry's key players for over 15 years. From large corporations to the most innovative and emerging start-ups, we provide advice on all areas in which payment service entities are involved.

In a more traditional sense, we are experienced in obtaining authorisation, permits and certificates of all types from the Bank of Spain, as well as working with Spain's Financial Intelligence Unit (Sepblac) on money laundering prevention. 
Regarding the more innovative side of the coin, we advise on a diverse range of matters such as payments on FX platforms, B2B services and PayTech projects to be presented as part of the regulatory sandbox, not to mention on the creation, incorporation and establishment of EMIs, aggregators and initiators of payments. 

With payments set to shape the future of the financial sector, our highly-specialised team is well-versed in the challenges and specific features that the development and integration of this area will bring in Spain.

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