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CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo is recognised by Chambers & Partners as a leading firm in insolvency law and restructuring in Spain, specialising in the handling of insolvencies and providing advice to both debtors and creditors on restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Our team comprises experts on insolvency law and other areas of practice which have an impact on restructuring (tax, corporate and administrative law), who stand out due to their vast knowledge on the particular features of key economic sectors. This enables us to understand how the company works, providing an essential element to drive success in restructuring or insolvency proceedings.

When the client is the debtor, we analyse their financial situation and design the most pertinent legal strategy to help them achieve their goals and guide them throughout the entire proceedings, from the petition for insolvency (voluntary or involuntary) to the proposal of arrangements, insolvency cases or, where applicable, liquidation and defence against the ruling of liability for insolvency.

Moreover, we advise clients such as creditors in insolvency proceedings, ensuring efficient communication and executing the corresponding securities where required.

The CMS Insolvency and Restructuring international team is present in 43 countries and 75 offices, advising both domestic entities and international groups in complex cross-border issues.

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