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Employment and Pensions

We recognise the importance of corporate labour relations and maintain a strategic and global vision which enables us to provide comprehensive advice to clients in relation to the optimisation of their structure, remaining faithful to our core values of dedication to service, passion for law, the use of initiative and innovation in the creation of solutions, the capacity to assume responsibilities, readiness and the continued strive for professional excellence.

Companies operating at a global level are faced with additional legal obstacles when it comes to employment law in Europe. For example, the management of employees across several jurisdictions requires the consideration of directives, EU Court resolutions and general domestic law, as well as local case law and precedents.

Our team of more than 500 specialists located in 44 countries is fully equipped to help clients achieve their objectives through the design of tailored solutions for complex and sensitive issues in all jurisdictions where required, including collective bargaining, advice on business restructuring and transfers of undertakings, as well as the defence of our clients before the Labour Courts.

Our Spanish Employment department comprises a team of specialist professionals based in Madrid and Barcelona, tasked with providing advisory services to domestic and international entities across all sectors, guaranteeing wide geographical coverage with the utmost professional quality.

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