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CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats is one of the largest business law firms in France. Founded in 1925 in Paris (Neuilly-sur-Seine), our firm now has close to 450 lawyers specialising in tax law, business law and employment law.

We provide support to French and international groups with specific assignments, complex transactions and day-to-day management; commercial banks, financial institutions and investment funds; medium-sized companies whose managers want to work closely with recognised specialists who have the expertise necessary to help them make sound decisions and foresee and manage litigation; and individuals and family groups in connection with managing their assets.

We can advise you and support your projects, large and small, in France and abroad, thanks to the high quality of the expertise and practices of all the member firms in the CMS network.

Our savoir-faire allows us to provide innovative and high value-added solutions that meet your expectations, so that you can rely on a small group of advisors who know you and understand you.

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By car


  • ROISSY - CHARLES DE GAULLE:- take the A1 motorway towards Paris Porte de la Chapelle;- then the Boulevard Périphérique, direction Paris-Ouest;- exit Porte Maillot.See below for final directions.
  • ORLY:- take the A6 motorway towards Paris;- head towards Paris - Porte d’Orléans;- then the Boulevard Périphérique direction Paris-Ouest;- exit Porte Maillot.See below for final directions.

- head west towards avenue de Neuilly;
- at the roundabout, take avenue de Neuilly;
- take the rue Joseph et Marie Hackin on the left;
- take the boulevard André Maurois on the right;
- continue on the boulevard Maurice Barres;
- take rue Ancelle on the right;
- visitor carpark.

- take avenue Charles de Gaulle (direction Porte Maillot);
- take the side road on the right;
- take rue Ancelle on the right.

By transport

Line 1, Les Sablons
Exit Jardin d’Acclimatation

Line 43 to Eglise Saint-Pierre
Line 73 to Les Sablons

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CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats
2 rue Ancelle
92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine
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This in­creases the num­ber of firm part­ners to 118 out...
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CMS Fran­cis Le­fe­b­vre Avocats co-opts six new part­ners
This in­creases the num­ber of firm part­ners to 118 out...
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