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Digital Platforms

The unique cross-cutting offer of our law firm

On the strength of our experience in assisting digital operators, from GAFAM to start-ups, we are proud to be the first law firm in France offering a multi-disciplinary and complete range of services for digital platforms. Our lawyers, who are specialists in platforms, will support you at every stage of your project with advice tailored to your needs. 


CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats, your partner in the digital economy

Digital transformation is a major challenge for most companies and is disrupting all sectors of activity. Online intermediation services are now essential for the commercial success of most companies. The rise of digital platforms and of their ecosystems offers lots of opportunities.

At the same time, legal constraints are multiplying and intermediation platforms and marketplaces are subject to increasingly sophisticated specific regulations: the Digital Republic Act, the European Platform to Business Regulation, and the European Commission’s proposed framework: The Digital Services Act and Digital Market Act, the strengthening of tax regulations, social law issues, the PACTE law, etc.

Our law firm is your privileged partner for advising you within this complex regulatory framework.

A complete and unique offer to secure your project

In order to help you seizing the opportunities of the intermediated economy, while managing the associated risks, we make our unique experience available to your business through concrete solutions adapted to your challenges in: creating and enhancing your platform, routing goods, identifying the activity framework, contracting with users, protecting data, getting to know your tax obligations and self-development. 

To ensure full success of your digital platform project, we provide you with assistance from our multidisciplinary teams 

Our firm has the capacity to create dedicated teams which can advise you on all legal, social and tax aspects in relation to your business. 

Tailored solutions

Whatever your sector (energy/sustainability, media, advertising, transport, tourism, consumer products, banking/insurance, etc.), we have sector specialists who can adapt to your business and transform legal advice into effective and practical solutions easy to understand by your teams. 


Your digital platform project needs national and international attention, regardless of the sector. CMS’ international presence guarantees support for your development projects in Europe and throughout the world. 

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Creating and enhancing your platform
Negotiating IT contracts and enhancing intellectual property
Delivering goods
Mastering transportation, VAT and customs issues
Identifying the context of the activity
A variable framework according to the activity of the platform
Contracting with users
Mandatory rules protecting professional and non-professional users
Protecting data
Complying with the regulations on personal data processing
Know your tax obligations
A double level of tax obligations to master
Supporting you with the development of your digital platform


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