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CMS First Law Firm to Launch Global Tech Start-Up Programme

  • Programme to launch in 20 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Tech start-ups granted access to investors, peers and discounted legal advice

4 February 2019 - International law firm, CMS, has today launched a first-of-its-kind global tech incubator programme, equIP, designed to nurture the development of tech start-ups across the world. 

Unlike other programmes, equIP is global and will operate out of 20 countries, including Singapore, Austria, France and Dubai, with plans to expand to Latin American before this summer. CMS will offer start-ups, regardless of where they are in the world, access to legal advice, training, mentoring and networking opportunities.

As part of the programme, CMS will provide start-ups with access to investors, exclusive training and mentoring opportunities and an active peer network. Members will have access to industry-focused legal advice across all areas of law at discounted rates from lawyers highly experienced in working with entrepreneurial companies.

The programme, which has been running in the UK since 2015, has previously worked with over 100 companies including, Sonalytic, Appyparking, Crowdicity and Passle. During its time in equIP, Sonalytic was acquired by Spotify.  

Anthony Waller, Partner at CMS comments: Starting and building a successful business requires much more than a good idea. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s never been more important for start-ups to have access to the right opportunities, the right people and ultimately the right advice at a global level. That’s why we started equIP.

Our firm’s local market knowledge, expertise in the technology sector and global reach, means that our offer in this space is unparalleled. We can provide a programme that stretches beyond legal advice, to finding the right investment partners and expanding internationally”.

Peter Wallqvist, Founder and CSO of RAVN, a current equIP member, says:

We were very proud that RAVN was selected for the equIP programme. It has been great to work with the team at CMS, who were instrumental in steering us through to a successful close. We have gained valuable insights and advice through our membership that has undoubtedly helped to get us to this point.”

To get a place on the programme, companies go through a rigorous vetting process by experienced lawyers. To find out more about the programme or to apply, please visit https://cms.law/en/INT/Insight/Start-ups

You can also follow us on Twitter @CMSequIP.

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