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The CMS Luxembourg Banking & Finance team provides local and pan-European expertise in the full spectrum of banking, finance, regulatory and capital markets law.

In one of the most important financial marketplaces in Europe, CMS Luxembourg ensures its services are ahead of market trends, anticipating the challenging environment of your business. Our priority is resolving your challenges and offering you innovative tailor-made solutions in order to make your business thrive.

Whether you are a bank or a corporation, a financial service provider or an entity confronted with regulation, we have banking & finance experts to help, whatever your situation.

The CMS Banking & Finance practice is one of Europe’s largest with over 500 banking and finance lawyers who have proven their pan-European skills in working together for more than one decade.

Whether you seek deep-rooted local advice or multi-jurisdictional expertise, our teams will advise you seamlessly. We select a team of highly-qualified and experienced lawyers that will best fit with the scope of your matter. This organisation allows us to be flexible while providing top level project management.

Over the years, we have been advising a vast range of clients, both foreign and domestic, such as commercial and investment banks, private banks or investment companies on common deals but also on major transactions.

We aim to be one step ahead of market developments, in order to build relationships with you that last.

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CMS in­tro­duces Private Place­ments on­line Ques­tion­naire
Private place­ments are in­creas­ingly be­ing used for debt fund­ing as an al­tern­at­ive to bank fin­an­cing Find the right one for you! The mar­ket of­fers a large num­ber of Private Place­ment (PP) products...


Lux­em­bourg ad­opts a new law on the trans­port of cash en­ter­ing or leav­ing...
On 30 June 2021, the Lux­em­bourg le­gis­lat­or ad­op­ted bill of law 7677 (the “Bill of Law”) (i) re­gard­ing the or­gan­isa­tion of the con­trol of trans­port of cash en­ter­ing or leav­ing the Grand-Duchy of Lux­em­bourg...
Pro­tec­tion of the euro against coun­ter­feit­ing: new re­quire­ments ap­plic­able...
The Lux­em­bourg le­gis­lat­or has ad­op­ted the bill of law 7464[1] amend­ing i.a. the amended laws of 5 April 1993 on the fin­an­cial sec­tor and of 10 Novem­ber 2009 on pay­ment ser­vices. This bill of law im­poses...
Mod­ern­isa­tion of the au­thor­isa­tion re­gime for Lux­em­bourg su­per­vised en­tit­ies
On 14 Ju­ly 2021, the Lux­em­bourg le­gis­lat­or has ad­op­ted, fol­low­ing the first vote and with a waiver for the second vote, the bill of law 7761 amend­ing i.a. the amended laws of 5 April 1993 on the fin­an­cial...
Ad­op­tion of the law of 20 May 2021: what's new?
1.Con­text Fol­low­ing the re­cent ad­op­tion of the law of 20 May 2021 trans­pos­ing CRD V[1], BRRD II[2] and im­ple­ment­ing CRR II[3] in­to Lux­em­bourg law (the “2021 Law”), the CSSF[4] has pub­lished a state­ment...
Changes in the ap­plic­a­tion of Mi­FID to In­vest­ment Fund Man­agers
On 10 June 2021, the Com­mis­sion de Sur­veil­lance du Sec­teur Fin­an­ci­er (CSSF) pub­lished an up­dated ver­sion of (i) its fre­quently asked ques­tions (FAQ) on the Lux­em­bourg Law of 17 Decem­ber 2010 re­lat­ing...
EDPB ap­proves first EU GDPR Code of Con­duct for Cloud Ser­vice Pro­viders
Fol­low­ing the sub­mis­sion by the Bel­gian Data Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity, on May 19 the European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) ap­proved the EU Cloud Code of Con­duct with sub­sequent fi­nal ap­prov­al by the Bel­gian...
New GDPR Code of Con­duct ap­proved for Cloud In­fra­struc­ture Ser­vice Pro­viders
The European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) and the French Data Pro­tec­tion Au­thor­ity (CNIL) ap­proved the CISPE Data Pro­tec­tion Code of Con­duct of Cloud In­fra­struc­ture Ser­vice Pro­viders in Europe (CISPE...
EDPB is­sues Re­com­mend­a­tion on cred­it card data stor­age for one-click pay­ments
The European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) has ad­op­ted a new re­com­mend­a­tion on the leg­al basis for the stor­age of cred­it card data by e-com­merce mer­chants for the pur­pose of one-click pay­ment of fur­ther...
CMS Lux­em­bourg joins forces with the LHoFT
Lux­em­bourg-based in­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS Lux­em­bourg is proud to an­nounce that it has joined forces with the Lux­em­bourg House of Fin­an­cial Tech­no­logy (LHoFT) as one of its as­so­ci­ate part­ners. The LHoFT...
Some leaks can­'t be fixed
“Con­fid­en­tial in­form­a­tion is like an ice cube... give it to the party who has no re­fri­ger­at­or or will not agree to keep it in one, and by the time of the tri­al you have just a pool of wa­ter.” This...
Up­date on the pro­posed Non-Per­form­ing Loans Sec­ond­ary Mar­ket Dir­ect­ive
1. Con­text In 2018, the European Com­mis­sion ad­op­ted the pro­pos­al for a Dir­ect­ive of the European Par­lia­ment and of the Coun­cil on cred­it ser­vice­rs and cred­it pur­chasers (the “Draft Dir­ect­ive”) with...
CMS Glob­al Fintech Up­date
The leg­al frame­work in the fintech in­dustry is chan­ging very quickly and some­times var­ies greatly from jur­is­dic­tion to jur­is­dic­tion.Our glob­al up­date, will give you an over­view of the latest changes and top­ics we have been deal­ing with in Europe, Africa and Lat­in Amer­ica re­gion. This will give you an at a glance sum­mary of a num­ber of art­icles that we have pro­duced on a loc­al basis.For a more in-depth ana­lys­is or for any ques­tions, please reach out to your usu­al CMS con­tact or lis­ted be­low Fintech ex­perts.