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Mona Lagrange Guezguez

Middle Associate

Villa des Cigognes
17 rue Louis Aureglia
BP 450
98012 Monaco Cedex
Languages French, English, Arabic

Mona Lagrange Guezguez is a Middle Associate in the Private Clients team.

She specialises in family law, inheritance law, exequatur proceedings and assists foreign residents with settling in Monaco.

On family law, she focuses on matters involving minors, parental authority and adoption-related issues.

Mona joined the firm in 2015.

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  • Preparatory classes to access to the National School for Magistrates (2010)
  • Master's degree in Comparative Family Law, University of Paris (2010)
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  • "The impact of the Private International Law reform in Monaco on mariage contracts, divorce and successions", Monaco AJ Famille (2019)
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COV­ID-19 and Ex­er­cise of par­ent­al re­sponsab­il­ity
The COV­ID-19 epi­dem­ic has led the Mone­g­asque au­thor­it­ies to take drastic health and leg­al meas­ures to slow down the spread of the dis­ease. All of these meas­ures have con­sequences for sep­ar­ated par­ents, and it is worth con­sid­er­ing the dif­fi­culties that thi
Ad­op­tion of a child un­der a "ka­fala" ar­range­ment
Mone­g­asque case law re­cently found that, where a child with Mo­roc­can na­tion­al­ity had been taken in un­der ka­fala by a Franco-Mone­g­asque na­tion­al, and sub­sequently ac­quired French na­tion­al­ity, the ban on ad­op­tion res­ult­ing from the child’s per­son­al status u
Act No 1.470 of 17 June 2019 on ad­op­tion
Stat­utory pro­vi­sions on ad­op­tion have been changed as a res­ult of the Mone­g­asque Gov­ern­ment passing Act No 1.470 of 17 June 2019. Find out more.
23 April 2019
The im­pact of the private in­ter­na­tion­al law re­form in Monaco on mar­riage...
Christine Pasquier Ciulla, Part­ner, and Mona Lag­range-Guezguez, As­so­ci­ate, have pub­lished an art­icle on « The im­pact of the private in­ter­na­tion­al law re­form in Monaco on mar­riage con­tracts, di­vorce and suc­ces­sions », in the AJ Fa­mille re­view, April 2019,
29 October 2018
Changes to main­ten­ance pay­ments for adult chil­dren
Main­ten­ance con­tri­bu­tions are de­signed to main­tain chil­dren and must be set at a level that re­flects both their re­quire­ments and the re­spect­ive re­sources of each par­ent.
28 December 2017
World­wilde Mat­ri­mo­ni­al Re­gime
AJ Fa­mille - Novem­ber 2018
16 October 2017
The mat­ri­mo­ni­al prop­erty re­gime of spouses im­pacted by the re­form of Mone­g­asque...
All mar­ried per­sons, wheth­er they have signed a mar­riage con­tract or not, are sub­ject to a mat­ri­mo­ni­al re­gime de­term­in­ing the pe­cu­ni­ary con­sequences of their mar­riage, not only con­cern­ing their re­la­tions but also those they have with third parties.
20 February 2017
The change of fam­ily name
Be­fore Decem­ber 5, 2016, the old art­icle 77 of the Civil Code provided that: “The le­git­im­ate child bears the name of his fath­er”. In­deed, un­til this date, the de­vol­u­tion of the name fol­lowed the pat­ri­arch­al tra­di­tion know­ing only the de­vol­u­tion of the fat
02 November 2016
The proof in di­vorce pro­ceed­ings and the prin­ciple of in­va­sion of pri­vacy
The re­spect of private and fam­ily life and the con­fid­en­ti­al­ity of cor­res­pond­ence rep­res­ent con­sti­tu­tion­al prin­ciples guar­an­teed by the Art­icle 22 of the Con­sti­tu­tion of 17 Decem­ber 1962.
07 June 2016
The Hag­ue Con­ven­tion – Child Ab­duc­tion
Monaco has rat­i­fied and ac­ceded to The Hag­ue Con­ven­tion of Oc­to­ber 25th, 1980 on the civil as­pects of in­ter­na­tion­al Child Ab­duc­tion but also to The Hag­ue Con­ven­tion of Oc­to­ber 19th, 1996 on jur­is­dic­tion, ap­plic­able law, re­cog­ni­tion, en­force­ment and co-ope