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CMS has its own team of specialists in Monegasque labour and social security law, advising local and overseas companies, banks and financial institutions on labour-related legal matters. 

We provide litigation services for both summary motions and trials in individual or collective disputes. Our litigation services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Managing crisis situations
  • Contacts with relevant public authorities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Trials

Our labour law team is also involved in teaching the Monaco Labour Law programme at the University of Montpellier.

CMS has built its reputation in the field of labour law on the solid experience and technical skills of its lawyers, who are in regular contact with Monaco’s government authorities and participate actively in discussions on labour law issues.

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    Collective labour relations

    Companies are subject to certain obligations relating to collective labour relations, and these can be difficult to understand and put into practice.

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    Data protection

    The omnipresence of digital use in the workplace gives rise to new problems within companies.

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    Employee Mobility

    The international character of the activity carried out in Monaco in many economic sectors is reflected in the relations maintained by foreign entities, particularly within groups.

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    Individual labour relations

    Labour law must be reconciled with a business’s operational constraints and our labour law team advises and supports companies with all issues related to human resource management at an individual level.

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    Restructuring & Collective Social Plans

    Monegasque companies face a constantly changing economic environment and must regularly adapt if they are to remain competitive.

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    Social audits

    Our specialised team can also audit your company to ensure that it complies with all the labour-related regulations applicable in Monaco (legislation, case law, collective agreements), assess any risks and correct the situation if necessary, in a way that respects your company’s operational requirements, particularly when it comes to the organisation of work and working hours, internal procedures and rules, data protection, etc. 

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    Digital technology and new management techniques have disrupted the traditional, company-centred ways in which we used to work.

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    COV­ID-19 | Sup­port meas­ures for Mone­g­asque com­pan­ies
    The Gov­ern­ment of Monaco has taken ex­cep­tion­al meas­ures to sup­port Mone­g­asque com­pan­ies fa­cing eco­nom­ic dif­fi­culties due to the coronavir­us COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic. Find out more.
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