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With a resident population of just 38,400 (of whom 8,000 are Monegasque citizens), the Principality of Monaco’s GDP was 5.7 billion euros in 2015. Monaco's economy is very open to foreign trade and investment and benefits from the country’s excellent relations with France and the European Union.

There is no income tax (except for French and US citizens) or inheritance tax on real estate located in Monaco, making the Principality a particularly attractive residency option.

Companies registered in Monaco also enjoy a favourable tax environment.

- If they have no commercial or industrial activity, they are not liable for corporate tax.
- Commercial companies that generate at least 75% of their turnover in Monaco do not pay any tax there. For those below this threshold, the tax rate is 33.33%.

We provide highly effective solutions backed by our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specificities of the Monegasque market. Our commercial law team has expertise in every stage of the business cycle. We help you conclude and strengthen agreements with your business and industry partners and manage your sales networks.  We also assist you with your business strategy when buying, selling or restructuring assets, in particular when negotiating the acquisition or sale of a business and drafting the subsequent legal documents. If you are raising capital or selling your business, our team has the experience you need, from legal audits to completion of the deal. 

We are particularly focussed on helping young entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions within a secure legal framework suitable for start-ups. As such, our team works with Monaco’s start-up incubator, Monacotech, which was co-founded by Xavier Niels.

We take account of your business sector and model and offer you bespoke solutions.

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