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We have developed extensive understanding of the needs of existing and prospective stakeholders in our market and we leverage this knowledge to offer our clients a comprehensive range of services, including tax advice.

Our range of tax services covers all aspects of taxes and duties in Monaco, including corporate income tax, value added tax (VAT), inheritance tax, gift tax, registration duties, etc.

Our team works regularly on the structuring and audit of complex international tax schemes and supports its clients in their understanding of international tax issues specific to Monaco and of international agreements applicable to the Principality.

We have excellent knowledge of local actors as well as specific experience in each aspect of Monegasque taxation (corporate tax, wealth tax, property tax, etc.).

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Corporate tax
A thorough understanding of an increasingly complex tax environment is an essential condition for business success.  Our team will support you in
Wealth and property tax
Our team advises international clients on complex cross-border transactions.We are able to offer our clients in-depth knowledge of local particulariti


Reminder of the provisions of the Franco-Mone­g­asque Convention on Succession
Many Monegasque residents who own property in France are concerned about the taxation applicable to their estate. We would like to remind you of the provisions of the Franco-Mone­g­asque Convention of 1st...
Real estate in France & Tax obligations
The direct or indirect ownership of real estate located in France by non-French residents - whether individuals, French or foreign legal entities, trusts or similar institutions - as well as the management...
Reminder of the taxation applicable to Law 214 Trusts and foreign Trusts
The trust, legal instrument of English origin, is often used as a sustainable estate planning and assets protection tool. Although the trust system is common in Commonwealth countries, Monaco recognized...
Gift of shares of a Monegasque SCI owning a real estate in France: risk...
The Monegasque civil company (SCI) is an excellent asset and wealth management tool, commonly used to facilitate the management and transfer of a real estate property in France. In this respect, the gift...
Taxation of works of art in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is renowned for its high level of security for people and property, and is proving to be a very attractive country for high-net-worth individuals looking for security and lenient...
No white smoke on ATAD III proposal in 2023
As a reminder, on 22 December 2021, the European Commission issued its proposal for a directive to prevent the abuse of shell entities for tax purposes (ATAD III proposal). After several amendments, the...
Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism transition in effect since 1 October...
On 1 October 2023, a two-year transitional period began for implementation of Regulation (EU) 2023/956, which introduces the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM levies punitive CO2 charges...
DAC 8 Proposal approved by the European Parliament
BackgroundIn recent years, the crypto-asset landscape has steadily grown and has reshaped the world of payments and investments. Today such assets have an estimated market capitalization of USD 1.09 trillion...
Foreign trusts: The conditional extension of the Monegasque tax regime
The Monegasque tax regime for inheritance and donation is known to be advantageous since it does not provide for any inheritance or donation tax in direct line (between ascendants and descendants or between...
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DEBRA – The new EU tax initiative aiming at promoting a fair and sustainable...
Within the EU a widespread asymmetry exists between debt and equity financing. Usually, interest is tax deductible from the corporate income tax base while dividends do not benefit from such advantage...
Germany: Cross-border employee assignments - liability for wage tax?
The decisive factor for wage tax liability in the international assignment of employees is not who pays the wage. For the employee, the question is: in which country must the individual pay tax on his...