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Private Clients

In a context marked by the internationalisation of their assets, private clients expect thorough and efficient solutions that meet their needs in both national and cross-border context.

We are one of Monaco's largest law firms with strong national and international expertise in Private Clients law.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • International Private Law
  • Estate and inheritance law
  • Family law and matrimonial property settlements
  • Protection of vulnerable adults and their assets
  • Protection of assets
  • Parental authority and child protection
  • Immigration and residency
  • Criminal law
  • Tax law
  • Trusts

Most of our associates were trained abroad, and today we offer our clients solid language skills in nine different languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Arabic).

We have also developed our own international network of specialist firms and counsels, with whom we regularly work on cross-border cases, usually involving parallel proceedings in several different jurisdictions.

Market recognition:

Tier 1
Legal 500 EMEA: Private Client

"Highly efficient lawyers, accustomed to complex and international cases. Incredible team work capabilities, including with lawyers from foreign law firms. Strong dedication to clients and no ego – just skills, dedication, and results."

Band 1
Chambers & Partners: Private Wealth Law

"They are an excellent firm, they certainly do a brilliant job for clients. They are efficient in their delivery, they provide high-quality advice and their strategic input is excellent. They have a clear eye on strategy."


Our Private Clients Law brochure

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International Private Law
We have a team specialising in International Private Law, particularly given the effects of the new Code of International Private Law instated by Law
Estate and inheritance law
Thanks to its extensive experience, our team of specialists in national and international family estate and succession law can analyse your personal s
Family law and matrimonial property settlements
With globalisation, family relationships are becoming increasingly international in nature, which is impacting family law as a whole and more specific
Protection of vulnerable adults and their assets
Life expectancy is becoming considerably longer each year, making it more likely that elderly adults will become incapable of effectively protecting t
Protection of assets
We have a team specialising in asset protection issues.Our areas of expertise include:Enforcement of foreign judgments, arbitration awards and public
Parental authority and child protection
Regardless of an individual's family situation (married, separated or remarried), parental authority will always be of the utmost importance.Parents h
Immigration and residency
Because of its unique economic, legal and fiscal environment, the Principality of Monaco offers its residents a secure and pleasant living conditions,
Criminal law
Our team has solid experience in criminal law, with a focus on the family criminal law, representing our clients' interests before the Monegasque auth
Tax law
Our team advises international clients on complex cross-border transactions.We are able to offer our clients in-depth knowledge of local particulariti
Our specialised team advises private individuals resident in or outside Monaco, as well as institutional clients, on various legal matters related to


Cohabitation under Monegasque law
Cohabitation is a de facto union, characterised by a , between two people . Although it is a form of free union, cohabitation is under Monegasque law unless cohabitants formalise their union in a , which...
The will: how to draft it?
Estate planning is often postponed. Indeed, in addition to constraints of time and availability, it is not uncommon for people to be simply reluctant to plan the aspects of their own demise.However, preparing...
The violation of the secrecy of correspondence necessary for the rights...
Article 341 of the Penal Code states peremptorily that the secrecy of correspondence is inviolable.In the following article, it defines violation of the secrecy of correspondence as the fact of becoming...
Grandparents' visiting rights
What are the rights of grandparents regarding their grandchildren? Paragraph 4 of article 300 of the Civil Code states that: "The child's personal relations with their ascendants may not be obstructed...
Gift of shares of a Monegasque SCI owning a real estate in France: risk...
The Monegasque civil company (SCI) is an excellent asset and wealth management tool, commonly used to facilitate the management and transfer of a real estate property in France.In this respect, the gift...
The compensation guarantee for victims of personal injury offences
With the promulgation of Law No. 1.555 of 14 December 2023 on compensation for victims of sexual offences, crimes and offences against children, domestic violence and other offences against individuals...
Taxation of works of art in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is renowned for its high level of security for people and property, and is proving to be a very attractive country for high-net-worth individuals looking for security and lenient...
The legal administration of a minor's assets under judicial supervision...
Under Monegasque law, the legal administration under judicial supervision is a measure for the protection of minors. It is set up in the unfortunate event of the death of one of the parents of a minor...
To what extent can a gift be considered a customary present?
In the absence of a definition by the Monegasque Courts, the definition of a customary present is given by the neighbouring country's Court of Cassation, which defines them as "gifts made on the occasion...
Tax Reform on Real Estate Transfers
As the explanatory memorandum to Bill no. 1048 points out, "contrary to popular opinion, taxation is the main source of income of the Monegasque State Budget". And yet, when it comes to increasing a State's...
The restitution of the fruits of reducible donations
In the Principality of Monaco, following the example of the Latin countries, the mechanism of the hereditary reserve, which represents the share of the inheritance goods and rights which the law ensures...
The risks of a divorce pronounced against one spouse for exclusive fault
A divorce can be pronounced for fault at the request of one of the spouses under article 197 1° of the Civil Code, when the acts attributed to one of the spouses constitute:A serious or repeated breach...