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Authorization to leave the country

An authorization to leave the country signed by a person having parental authority has been reintroduced in France for unaccompanied minor, by Article 49 of Law n°2016-731 dated June 3rd, 2016, reinforcing the fight against organized crime, terrorism and their financing and improving the efficiency and guarantees of criminal proceedings. By Decree n°2016-1483 of November 2nd, 2016 published in the OJ on November 4th 2016, the date of this measure’s enforcement has been fixed on January 15th, 2017.

Given the reintroduction in France of this authorization to leave the country for unaccompanied minor and in order to make it easier for minors living in the Principality to travel without difficulty, it became essential for the Monegasque Government to provide similar compulsory proceedings in the Principality. This has been carried out by Ministerial Order No. 2017-4 dated January 12th, 2017.
This Order states that:
The authorization to leave the country is established by means of a dedicated form, available online on the website of the Monegasque Public Service or at the Directorate of Public Safety (Division of the Administrative Police).
This form includes the following fields:

  • Last name (and possible usual name), first name, date and place of birth of the minor child authorized to leave the country;
  • Last name (and possible usual name), first name, date and place of birth of the person who has parental authority and has signed the authorization, mention in which capacity this person exercise parental rights, domicile and, if appropriate telephone details ;
  • The authorization lapses, which cannot exceed a year ;
  • The signature of the person having parental authority.

It must be duly completed, signed and accompanied by a legible copy of an official and valid identity document of the signatory parent.

This authorization must be distinguished from a parental disclaimer appearing asked by some airlines companies, which only mentions that the unaccompanied minor is allowed to get on the plane.


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