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Mexico’s Life Sciences & Healthcare accounts for 12% of gross domestic product. Companies operating in the sector face significant challenges, with a complex regulatory landscape, strong influence from the government both as a regulator and as the biggest buyer, and intense competition from local and international stakeholders.

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow lawyers understand the complexity of an interdisciplinary business, have deep understanding of the law and are very aware of the scientific and commercial aspects related to your business. This gives us the ability to design and implement regulatory and government affairs strategies to achieve clients’ business goals.

The team has experience advising clients through the entire productive process of regulated products, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, distribution, imports and exports, retail and advertisements. We are experts in advising companies with new businesses and products, drafting regulatory strategies, performing regulatory compliance audits, advising on good manufacturing practices and certifications, premarket approval of products and services, health licences, cross-border classification of products, and advice on approval of labelling and marketing of regulated products and services.

We also represent clients before the health authorities in regulatory enforcement administrative procedures and design crisis management strategies in cases of voluntary recall of products, seizure of products by the authorities and closure of facilities.

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Can­nabis law and le­gis­la­tion in Mex­ico
Med­ic­al use Med­ic­al use is al­lowed. In Janu­ary 2021 the Rules of Med­ic­al Can­nabis were is­sued by the Min­istry of Health. While CBD is not ad­dressed in the Gen­er­al Health Law, it is defined in the Rules...
COV­ID-19 vac­cin­a­tion and test­ing in Mex­ico - em­ploy­ment law per­spect­ive
Vac­cin­a­tion 1. What op­tions does the em­ploy­er have to en­cour­age em­ploy­ees to be vac­cin­ated? Can the em­ploy­er provide a fin­an­cial in­cent­ive to em­ploy­ees?  There are no op­tions for the em­ploy­er to en­cour­age...
Phar­ma­ceut­ic­al ad­vert­ising reg­u­la­tion and med­ic­al device ad­vert­ising in...
1. Which laws are ap­plic­able re­gard­ing ad­vert­ising of medi­cines and med­ic­al devices? The main le­gis­la­tion for medi­cines and med­ic­al devices ad­vert­ise­ment is The Gen­er­al Health Law (Ley Gen­er­al de Sa­lud)...
Di­git­al health apps and telemedi­cine in Mex­ico
Di­git­al Health Apps/Soft­ware 1. How is the soft­ware with­in di­git­al health apps clas­si­fied in your jur­is­dic­tion, and what reg­u­la­tion(s) ap­ply? Soft­ware with­in Di­git­al Health Apps and telemedi­cine are...
AI in Life Sci­ences
Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence is not new: the term it­self was coined over 60 years ago. However, the con­ver­gence of data volume, pro­cessing power and tech­nic­al cap­ab­il­ity has con­vinced many that the AI era...
First Su­preme Court Rul­ing for Med­ic­al Use of Can­nabis in Mex­ico
Mex­ico CityBy un­an­im­ous vote, the Min­is­ters of the Second Cham­ber of Mex­ico’s Su­preme Court of Justice de­cided to grant the pro­tec­tion of Fed­er­al Justice to a minor child with a dia­gnos­is of epi­lepsy...