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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

The different forms of state intervention and, more generally, intervention by the Federal or local public authority in the economy are covered by Administrative Law.

Irrespective of the size of the business or project, whether a client is a non-profit organisation or part of the public sector, CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow is capable of providing expedient legal advice in any matter relating to Administrative Law. Tackling any legal issue relating to Administrative Law is the specialty of our highly skilled team of professionals. CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow can offer multi-disciplinary support, oriented towards the implementation of appropriate solutions.

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow specialists can assist in all areas of public business law and public property law. The Firm can help respond to calls for tenders from public and private buyers and we can assist public sector organisations with their outsourcing policies, the implementation of bids and the proper financial structure. CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow can also advise public authorities and their associated entities on the reorganisation of their intervention methods and regulations. We can advise any client for a comprehensive understanding of the industry regulations and assist in negotiations with regulators.

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow lawyers possess clear knowledge regarding all aspects of our clients’ projects, including their technical, financial and legal components. The Firm offers a multi-task vision within administrative processes, which is crucial to creating a comprehensive and clear position before authorities. Consequently, our clients receive personal attention from specialists within each area of the firm to all administrative aspects of their projects.


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