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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Our team has extensive experience with local and foreign companies, in the manufacturing and distribution fields, related to pharma products, medical devices and equipment, dietary supplements foodstuffs, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs. We also handle procedures for agricultural and animal husbandry products.

Our services include:

  • Health registration prosecution and modifications to standing registrations.
  • Market approval for innovative products.
  • Certifications and authorizations for manufacturing and storage facilities.
  • Advertising and labelling approvals.
  • Functional claims.
  • Administrative probes for health regulation infringements.

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero addresses the subject of Health regulations from an efficiency perspective and accompany the procedures of your company since the start of the project, up to post market issues.


Cannabis law and legislation in Colombia
Medical use Growing, selling and importing cannabis for medical use is allowed in Colombia. There are several authorities involved in the authorisation processes. The ICA (the Colombian Agency for Agricultural...
Pharmaceutical advertising regulation and medical device advertising in...
1. Which laws are applicable regarding advertising of medicines and medical devices? 1.1 Medicines Decree 677/1995Res­ol­u­tion 4536/1996 Res­ol­u­tion 4320/2004  1.2 Medical devices Decree 4725/2005...
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Cannabis in food, alcoholic beverages and dietary supplements
And after waking up, the face mask was still there
Face masks were not foreign concepts for us before the current pandemics. They have been used in industrial and healthcare settings for a long time. And although this is not the case in Colombia, in several...
Privates are still not allowed to import covid- 19 vaccines even though...
Considering the world health crisis, the Colombian Government in search of overcoming the pandemic through a general immunization, issued Resolution 507 of 2021 which authorizes privates to import vaccines...
¿Worms for your lunchbox?
We could argue (without getting too philosophical), that our food to some extent is a cultural construction. We are not going to talk about this in this article, but it is an interesting debate to determine...
We don't have to say again what we've already said countless (too many) times about all that this year has meant to us, our families, and all aspects of our lives. And despite the fact that this year...
Face Masks as Medical Devices, To Be or not To Be
It has been a difficult year. An atypical year in which within all the challenges we encounter we have to adopt new habits. One of those, that most affects our daily lives is having to wear face masks...
Procedures of Sanitary Regulation for “Non-In­dis­pens­able” Products in times...
In these strange times, the role of health authorities in regard to product management is essential to properly handle and ward off the crisis. In Colombia, the authority in charge of granting authorization...
Colombia's Health Authority adapts to COVID Health Emergency: Online procedures,...
This whole text is currently not available in English because of its local focus. It refers to INVIMA declaring the suspension of procedural deadlines for certain procedures considered non vital, the...
Policy of Prevention of Anti-Judicial Damage and Defense Of INVIMA Interests
The ultimate goal for INVIMA is to protect the Public Health. Because of this, their activities are very relevant for the population in general. However, when this authority fails or is wrong at a decision...