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Project Finance

As a sponsor, lender or public sector organisation, you require legal advisors who can help you successfully handle complex infrastructure and project financing transactions. Whether you are involved in public works programmes or private sector financing in the areas of transport, health, education, waste, energy, defence, IT/telecoms, leisure, custodial & justice, ports, rail, roads or water, you will get the legal advice you need from CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow.

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow has delivered deals in the social, economic and energy sectors, advising on public private partnerships, energy and renewables projects, infrastructure and utilities investments and a range of other development and corporate finance transactions. If you are an investor selling or buying an interest in a concession, a utility business or a PPP deal, you need expert guidance through the complex bidding process. Our lawyers have helped shape transactions across these sectors, ensuring quick deal completions on terms that optimise your returns. And if you are facing a potential dispute, we have the experts to support you through dispute resolution procedures or litigation action.

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow advises lenders and borrowers on obtaining all types of loans necessary to implement their projects. The Firm has been engaged by federal and local governments, private developers, national and international banks and other financial institutions for the financing and execution of projects.

Our Project Finance practice is best known for the following strengths:

  • Our streamlined structure allows us to be agile and efficient in dealing with our clients’ unique needs.
  • In addressing our clients’ needs, our specialized team creates a simple “operationally-friendly” strategy that can be put into practice quickly and easily.
  • We combine technical expertise with a commercial approach to matters in order to make deals attractive for both parties. We are pro-deal.
  • We understand the business practicalities and, through our ample and distinguished experience, can adapt to the realities of both borrowers and lenders.


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