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Derek Woodhouse

Senior Partner

CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow, S.C.
Paseo de la Reforma 115
Piso 19
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico City
Languages Spanish, English

During the last twenty years, Derek Woodhouse has provided legal advice in many projects with one common denominator: private sector participation in infrastructure projects traditionally reserved to the public sector. His experience incorporates a broad spectrum of activities, including the conceptual design of structural reforms; the drafting of legislation and regulations; the design and drafting of concessions, licences, permits and contracts; the design and implementation of procedures for the granting of contracts, concessions, licenses and permits; the drafting and negotiation of the legal instruments necessary for financing infrastructure projects; and day to day revision and legal operation of ongoing projects.

He worked in CMS's London office for five years from 2001, advising governments and private companies on the design, financing and development of energy and infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Angola, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Mexico and Central America.

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Relevant experience

  • Mexican Energy Ministry on the implementation of the wholesale electricity market and the restructuring of the Federal Electricity Commission.
  • IBERDROLA on the operation of ongoing projects and on the definition of commercial strategies under the new energy legal framework.
  • Mexico Power Group on the development of various wind farms for generating electricity for self-supply purposes throughout Mexico.
  • Mexican Wind Power Association (AMDEE) on the diagnosis of the wind power market in Mexico and proposal to promote and expedite its development.
  • Geomex on the development of a 30 MW PPP wind farm in the state of Chiapas for state and municipal self-supply.
  • Inter American Development Bank (IADB) on a renewable energies (solar/wind) project for self-supply of the municipality of La Paz, Baja California Sur.
  • World Bank and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy on the creation of a legal framework that permitted the participation of the private sector in the electric industry and established incentives for attracting private capital in Cambodia.
  • The federal government of Turkey on the creation of an independent company in charge of the transmission of electricity and the operation of the power market (TEİAŞ).
  • The government of Romania on the development of secondary legislation for the electricity markets.
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  • Escuela Libre de Derecho, Mexico City, Law Degree, 1988-199
  • George Washington University, International Law Institute, Washington D.C., United States, Postgraduate Studies, Introduction to the United States Legal System, 1997
  • Harvard University, Center for International Development, Boston, Massachussets, United States, Postgraduate Studies, International Program on Privatization, Regulations and Corporate Governance, 1999
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