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CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Global Brochure

With big deals fuelling record levels of M&A activity, a steady stream of innovative and disruptive technologies, new and increasingly complex regulatory challenges and a thriving start-up community, life sciences and healthcare is one of today’s most dynamic global sectors.

Transaction levels look set to stay high. But, as larger companies look for new ways to create value and extend their offerings in line with environmental and social demands, major transactions are giving way to smaller, bolt-on deals.

New and emerging product areas attracting investment include cannabis, with a rising number of registered IP rights highlighting strong competition to establish and build markets. Retirement-related products and services offer a host of business opportunities. Changing lifestyles and consumer preferences are focusing biotech on developing alternative meat products.

A thriving start-up community now plays a key role, contributing new ideas, products and services across the sector – including leading-edge AI applications for new drug development.

Technology is driving ongoing innovation and disruption in many areas, including gene therapies and intelligent drug discovery and development. Products and services are evolving as demand builds for consumer wearables, telemedicine and an extended range of health apps.

While these developments enhance patient care and well-being, they also raise questions about digital data collection and ownership. Can companies maintain consumer trust?

Patent protection remains a key issue for product development and commercialisation. Shorter patent times and an increasing range of generics are key factors.

The sector faces complex regulatory challenges. Regulation needs to keep pace with scientific advances – including technological changes in pharma and medical devices and the commercialisation of gene and cell therapies – as well as the economic, social and political factors.

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CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Global Brochure - 2024
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