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Expert meeting Construction & Development (in Dutch)

CMS Derks Star BusmannNewtonlaan 2033584 BH Utrecht

Past event
02 November 2009, 15:30 - 17:30

On Monday 2 November 2009 the Real Estate practice group at CMS Derks Star Busmann will be organizing the second Construction & Development expert meeting.

This expert meeting is a recurring event and is specifically aimed at company lawyers working for property developers, construction firms and government bodies.

A number of topical subjects will be considered from the point of view of several disciplines. These subjects discussed during the meetings follow naturally from each other, and will ultimately provide you with a complete picture of problems and opportunities as regards the legal aspects of Construction & Development.

At this second expert meeting, Allard Knook and Luurt Wildeboer will consider the Environmental Permitting (General Provisions) Act (Wet algemene bepalingen omgevingsrecht, also known as the Wabo) in greater detail. This Act will enter into force on 1 January next year, when planning permission will be incorporated in an overall environmental permit.

The expert meeting will continue with Hein van der Meer and Marc van Zanten examining the ‘Restructuring of developments’ from the point of view of property development as well as insolvency law and restructuring.

3.30 pm: Welcome
3.50 pm: Wabo and environmental permit - Allard Knook and Luurt Wildeboer
4.30 pm: Break
4.50 pm: Restructuring of developments - Hein van der Meer and Marc van Zanten
5.30 pm: Drinks

If you would like to attend this second Construction & Development expert meeting on 2 November, please register by 21 October using the registration form below.
There will be no charge for attending the meeting.

More information
Marloes van Petegem
Communications & Events
T +31 30 2121 562
[email protected]

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Portrait of Luurt Wildeboer
Luurt Wildeboer
Portrait of Marc Zanten
Marc van Zanten
Portrait of Hein Meer
Hein van der Meer
Allard Knook
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