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CMS Turkish Business Desk -The link between the Dutch and Turkish business community 

CMS guides you through its Turkish Business Desk in The Netherlands and Turkey. Our desk is the point of contact for businesses in the Netherlands wishing to do business in Turkey, but also for Turkish companies considering doing business in the Netherlands. Over the years the lawyers of the Turkish Business Desk have developed extensive specialised experience with respect to Turkish related transactions and litigation. Both Dutch and Turkish entrepreneurs in different sectors turn to the Turkish Business Desk for advice regarding among others: the incorporation of a company, employment matters and various corporate and tax aspects.

The Turkish Business Desk can assist you in the following areas:

  • Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Environment
  • (Wind) Energy
  • Agro-industry
  • Automotive
  • Health Care sector
  • Financial sector
  • Creative sector
  • Pharma/Lifesciences
  • Chemical industry
  • ICT/Telecom
  • R&D

The lawyers of the Turkish Business Desk prevent or remove commercial and cultural differences or language problems in order to build productive and international relationships. Also through our co-operation with local, Turkish legal partners, specialists in their field, and our business network within Turkey, we are able to ensure that international ambitions can be fulfilled.

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The International Desk Team

The Turkish Business Desk lawyers provide a wide range of services for commercial entrepreneurs, both in The Netherlands and in Turkey. They offer you full-service legal advice in all possible areas of law, both Turkish and Dutch law, and, in addition, have in-depth knowledge of various sectors and the local culture. Entrepreneurs assisted by the Turkish Business Desk choose for full-service legal advice with one single point of contact with respect to all of their legal matters. In a personal and efficient way CMS offers you high-level legal service.


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Portrait of Ayşegül Avci
Ayşegül Avci
Portrait of Katja Kranenburg - Hanspians
Katja van Kranenburg - Hanspians
Portrait of Yasar Celebi
Yasar Celebi
Portrait of Martijn Bie
Martijn van der Bie
Portrait of Martika Jonk
Martika Jonk
Senior Counsel | Advocaat


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