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Health & Safety Compliance


CMS is a recognised specialist firm in the area of Health & Safety Compliance in the Netherlands and abroad In this area of expertise we often represent (insurance) companies, its directors and employees in response to incidents or the prevention of incidents.

Whether it is about (preventing) an industrial accident, an environmental incident or an alleged breach of health and safety standards, our Health & Safety Compliance team has the specialist knowledge and experience to provide all necessary legal assistance. The effects of an incident are not limited to a specific area of expertise but can extend to:

  1. Sanctions law (criminal law and supervision)
  2. Administrative law
  3. Civil law

This calls for an integrated approach in which all aspects are taken into consideration, as well as a careful and effective communication strategy towards all stakeholders. That is why our dedicated team includes lawyers with expert knowledge in the areas of sanctions law, administrative law, liability law, insurance law, employment law and transport law.

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Eva Schothorst - Gransier
Barbara Veldmaat
Aziz al Mansouri