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CMS Derks Star Busmann appointments as from 1 January 2009


CMS has appointed the following people as from 1 January 2009:
- shareholder: Bart Bendel
- junior partner: Pieter van Duijvenvoorde, Martijn van der Bie

Bart Bendel works as a lawyer in the Corporate Law practice group of CMS Derks Star Busmann in Utrecht. Bart joined CMS Derks Star Busmann in 1999 and after working for one year as a lawyer in the Antilles, he returned to CMS Derks Star Busmann in 2004. Bart mainly focuses on corporate law disputes and similar proceedings (shareholder disputes, proceedings concerning management and regulation, takeover disputes, restructuring disputes, failed investments, auditor liability, disputes in partnerships, etc). Bart has published a number of articles and regularly lectures on a range of subjects.

Pieter van Duijvenvoorde is a lawyer in the Corporate Finance practice group and has worked in corporate law practice since 1998. Before he joined CMS Derks Star Busmann, he worked for (legal predecessors of) Landwell/Van Doorne and AKD Prinsen van Wijmen. Pieter specializes in domestic and international takeovers, management buy-outs, joint ventures, shareholder agreements and corporate law restructuring of Dutch and foreign companies.

Martijn van der Bie has worked as a junior civil-law notary in the Corporate/Corporate Finance practice group of CMS Derks Star Busmann since 1999. His knowledge and experience primarily concern corporate law in the broadest sense and contract law. His focus areas include private limited companies and public limited companies, the two-tier board regime, corporate governance, restructuring, legal mergers and legal divisions, shareholder agreements and takeovers. Martijn's clients include companies, investment companies, insurance companies, pension funds and educational institutions. Martijn also has ample experience in the medical sector.

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