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CMS is releasing its Tokenized Assets Podcast Series


The former chairman of Nasdaq, Robert Greifeld, predicted in 2017 that in five years' time all stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized. Since then, the use of tokenization has been increasing more and more. This creates challenges, but also offers various opportunities.

Today, we released the first in a series of podcasts that will give you comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and the creation of a security token. Tokenizing assets means lowering costs for issuers, but also improving transparency, efficiency and liquidity of real-world assets. The tokenization of real assets democratizes access to new investment opportunities and allows for fractional liquidation and ease of exchange with other investors. Another interesting benefit of tokenization is the ability for companies to issue programmable securities. The token contract could ensure that corporate actions, for example the allocation of voting rights, are performed automatically.

Throughout the series, more than 20 specialists will provide insights on several aspects of tokenizing assets with the use of blockchain, including CMS experts Katja van Kranenburg, Clair Wermers and Simon Sanders.
Every Wednesday we will release a new Tokenized Assets podcast. Please visit your podcast channel of choice and use the subscribe button to receive a push-message of every new release.


An introduction to Security Tokens (part 1)
Since 2016, the TokenMarket platform has raised over $315 million for more than 30 blockchain start-ups. In today's podcast, Managing Director of TokenMarket Technologies, Ryan Hanley, will give a quick overview of the changes in the token landscape as he has been seeing them evolve over the last 12 - 18 months.

Purpose Built Asset Token Blockchains (part 2)
Jochem Gerritsen, Director of Infloat, is specialised in tokenomics, tokenized business models and security tokens. In this podcast Jochem will discuss whether there is a need for blockchains that are specifically built to issue security or asset tokens.

How to issue Tokens on the Blockchain (part 3)
How to issue tokens on the blockchain? Panelists Tokeny Co-founder and CSO, Daniel Coheur; Blockchain Projects CEO, Annemieke Dirkes, and New Alchemy CEO, Nils Veenstra will give you valuable insights and share their experiences as industry pioneers. What qualities should a security token possess to be issued globally in a compliant way?

An Asian way of trading digital assets (part 4)
GlenBit Co-founder, Amy Wang, and Team Blockchain CEO, Jonny Fry, will give you an Asian perspective on tokenizing digital assets. GlenBit is a blockchain assets exchange platform which has its technical and operational teams spread over Europe and the Asia Pacific region

Regulation in the USA - Reg A+ (part 5)
Gordon Einstein, who is a partner at Cryptolaw Partners, will be speaking about the U.S. regulation on STO's and ICO's. In the passionate talk Einstein gave at the tokenized securities event, he managed to cram an entire course of U.S. securities law into a one hour lecture.

Regulation and Governance - A Dutch Perspective (part 6)
CMS Counsel Clair Wermers and CMS Attorney-at-law Simon Sanders talk about regulations and governance concerning tokenizing from a Dutch and European perspective, with a particular focus on the impact of the GDPR on tokenized securities as well as regulations on developing an ecosystem for digital real estate assets.

An Investor’s Perspective (part 7)
What asset classes are best suited to tokenization? How to persuade management into tokenized investments? Private investor Robert Nass; Maven11 Head of Investments and Trading, Balder Bomans; Frijt CEO, Marc Meuwissen, and Team Blockchain CEO, Jonny Fry will give you an investor's perspective on tokenized assets. Resilience Partners Director, Jeremy Barnett, moderates the discussion.

Finance innovation leading to new ways to invest (part 8)
Technology has been disrupting many sectors the past few years. With the rise of blockchain the financial services sector could be next. How can finance innovation lead to new ways to invest? Resilience Partners Director, Jeremy Barnett, will give his view on this topic.

Developing an Ecosystem for Digital Real Estate Assets (part 9)
Blockchain technology maybe changing the real estate sector sooner than you think. Real estate professionals and blockchain experts will discuss the expectations, impact, obstacles and risks. The panelists are CMS Partner, Katja van Kranenburg; New Alchemy CEO, Nils Veenstra; FOI (Financieel Opleidings Instituut) Partner, Jaap Huurnink, and Block Fund Founder, Rudolf Nanne. Vastgoed Belang Managing Director, Laurens van de Noort, moderates the discussion.

The Role of Stablecoins (part 10)
Cryptocurrencies nowadays are primarily being used for speculation purposes and not as real currencies. Can we take cryptocurrencies beyond speculation? CementDAO CEO, Edan Yago, talks about the important role of stablecoins in the entire ecosystem of tokenized assets.

The Challenges of Developing a Stablecoin (part 11)
Why do we need stablecoins? And what are the challenges developing one? Panelists Corion CEO, Miklos Denkler, and Merxcoin CEO, Marco Dias will answer these and other questions in this podcast. CementDAO CEO, Edan Yago, moderates the discussion. 

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