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Tokenized Assets Amsterdam: tokenization great opportunity for real estate & asset financing


The former chairman of Nasdaq, Robert Greifeld, predicted in 2017 that in five years' time all stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized. Since then, the use of tokenization has been increasing more and more. This creates challenges, but also offers various opportunities. This was the main subject of discussion during the Tokenized Assets Conference, which after previous editions in New York and London, took place at the CMS office in Amsterdam on 6 June. More than 140 participants attended the conference.

Regulations and governance
During a day-filling programme, more than 20 speakers provided insights on several aspects of tokenizing assets with the use of blockchain. Katja van Kranenburg (partner and head of the Sector Group Technology, Media & Communications at CMS), Clair Wermers and Simon Sanders (both attorney-at-law at CMS) were amongst those speakers. They spoke about regulations and governance concerning tokenizing from a Dutch and European perspective and about developing an ecosystem for digital real estate assets.

New investment opportunities
Especially real estate was mentioned by the speakers as an interesting asset to tokenize. The role that stablecoins can play in this respect was also discussed. A tokenized asset makes it possible to invest in it with a smaller amount of money and therefore creates new investment opportunities. This can be appealing to a new group of investors. However, the importance of continuing to invest in the education of people on this point was also emphasised.

Throughout the day there was the opportunity for those attending to ask all their questions to the speakers. Eventually, all attendees were challenged to spread 'the movement' even further, after which the network reception started to close the day.

The next Tokenization Assets Conference will be held at CMS in Singapore. For more information please visit: https://thefutureof.finance/tokenized/singapore/

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