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Picture of Gieneke Nierop

Gieneke van Nierop

Deputy civil law notary

Atrium - Parnassusweg 737
1077 DG Amsterdam
PO Box 94700
1090 GS Amsterdam
Languages German, French, English, Dutch

Gieneke van Nierop works as a deputy civil law notary in our Corporate Practice Group. Her knowledge and experience focus particularly on company law and the law of artificial persons.

Her areas of expertise include private companies, public limited companies, foundations, associations, cooperatives and partnerships. Gieneke deals with takeovers, restructuring projects, domestic and cross-border mergers, spin-offs and legal status conversions and corporate housekeeping issues.

A specific area of her expertise is regulated markets, where she provides advice with regard to articles of association, governance, including governance codes and corporate structures.

After studying Dutch law and notarial law at Utrecht University, Gieneke joined CMS in 2004. As part of her studies she completed an internship in 2003, working as a student intern at CMS.

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  • Company and Commercial Law, Grotius Academy for Post-Graduate Law Studies
  • Training for the Notarial Profession, Radboud University
  • Notarial Law, Utrecht University
  • Dutch Law (Private Law), Utrecht University
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  • Royal Notarial Society
  • CMS Innovation Advocates team
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