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Blue Tulip Awards - Health

Healthcare Faces Growing Needs

Modern-day society is rapidly expanding, putting pressure on our healthcare systems. Therefore, we need to increase the quality of care while reducing costs. Hospitals, practices, laboratories, and corporations will have to step up to keep up with competition, new technology and patients’ growing needs. Innovations in healthcare can provide unique opportunities to transform our society and keep healthcare effective, accessible and affordable to all. 

The intellectual property dilemmas caused by AI-generated works

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in many sectors, questions pop up about the full extent of AI use and its influence on ownership and accountability. 

In healthcare, AI is used to support and advise doctors in establishing a diagnosis, assist radiologists in improving image interpretation, and improve drug discovery research, to name just a few of the current applications. 

However, with the rise of a new technologies, new issues arise too. If we take a look at the last example, an important question that comes up is: who owns what when AI does the research? To answer this question - and offer you advice on how to deal with this regarding your AI innovation - we’ll review patent and copyright law in this context.

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A legal roadmap for Cannabis 2019

In recent years cannabis trade and related activity has developed into a growth business area. In the life sciences and healthcare fields there have been increases in the numbers of patients having access to medicinal cannabis and more general acceptance of the potential medicinal value of cannabis for patients. The number of countries allowing its recreational use has increased. Additionally, there is growing awareness of the potential for and actual use of cannabis plants across a range of different industry sectors, not least in cosmetics and food.

A legal roadmap for Cannabis 2019 (10 MB)

WLG Cannabis Legalization: Europe Update

What is the status of cannabis liberalization in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain? Panelists Ellen Gielen (CMS Netherlands), Jörn Witt, Susanne Pech (both CMS Germany) and Juan Carlos Hernanz (Cuatrecasas, Spain) will give an update on their jurisdiction. Steven Stein (Greenberg Glusker) acted as a moderator. 

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Podcast - Partner or buy if you can't DIY

Organic growth and innovation are increasingly hard to come by. Large companies are progressively acquiring or collaborating with more nimble and younger startups. However, acquiring another business or partnering up is a serious commitment - integration can be a challenge, payback time frames can be long and success is far from guaranteed. What is the recipe for success and what role do VC funds, incubators and innovation consultants play in this ecosystem? 

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AI in Life Sciences

We look first at the types of AI that are being developed and how they are being put to use in the life sciences industry. We then turn to some of the difficult legal issues that we and our clients are facing, including a look at the increasingly important Chinese legal landscape, before finishing with a review of “ethical AI” and what AI developers need to take into account to ensure that their products are trusted by consumers.

AI in Life Sciences (8,2 MB)

CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Global Brochure

CMS is a global law firm offering you sector strength and depth of expertise in all of the key areas of interest to your business. Our dedicated team of more than 300 lawyers, patent attorneys, scientists and academics around the world, work with the global top 20 pharmaceutical companies, the global top 10 medical device companies, the largest biotechnology company and start-ups and the most significant health and social care providers. We bring you practical and commercial legal solutions for both your everyday matters and strategic projects.

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